Ramcat Broadhead Review: Is It Worth the Money?

Broadheads usually fall into two categories, mechanical or fixed broadheads. While mechanical broadheads are associated with accuracy and blood trails, they fall short in penetration and reliability. However, the fixed broadheads find their superiority in reliability and penetrating more than their mechanical counterparts. But how good is it? Let’s find out in this Ramcat broadhead review.

Ramcat Pivoting Broadhead is by far the most accurate and fixed broadhead in the world. It is an excellent broadhead and flies exactly like a field point when shot from any bow at any speed. This broadhead can work in any circumstances, whether in woody conifers, where wind resistance is typical, or windy fields.

Most people write off the pivoting needle when they see it for the first time and think it will not effectively bring prey down. A single trial proves them wrong when they see the pivoting broadhead make deep cuts into the target and bring it down with a single shot. Generally, they are the best bet if you are tired of chasing down animals after shooting.

Ramcat Broadheads Review: Features

The Ramcat Pivoting Broadhead utilizes aircraft technology to fly like a field point from any bow. Here are additional features of the Ramcat broadhead.

Double-Edged Pivoting Broadheads

It is to a hunter’s advantage to have double-edged replaceable blades. The blades easily attach to the arrow using a screw and detach quickly with minimal pressure. Even when the arrow doesn’t pass through, the blade enlarges the wound hole and goes deeper while the pivots push on and make a channel reaching the animal’s bones.

The double-edged feature enables it to cut as many tissues as possible using the back-cut technology. If the hunter accurately measures the distance, it is hard to miss the prey when shooting with a Ramcat Pivoting Broadhead. It is very efficient in penetration and brings down even large animals.

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The Back Cut Technology

The blade’s front and back are sharpened, which means that if the arrow will not pass into the animal’s body, the blade keeps going creating a large hole in the animal’s flesh. The 0.32″ stainless steel blades make no noise and efficiently pierce the prey’s skin and bones with no sound whatsoever.

The broadhead also features a tip designed with concave scoop technology for greater penetration and accuracy. The head is also more comprehensive than most of the broadheads out there.

 Air Resistant Technology

The blade’s shape is highly air resistant in woody forests and open fields. The double-edge technology enables it to reach the target without any resistance from the air pressure. The blades have deep lobes that increase accuracy, thereby managing the air pressure and silently reaching the target.

 Blades Over Shaft Technology

The blade’s position and design highly ramp up its accuracy and efficiency. The blade’s positioning is in such a way that it is cantilevered over the arrow shaft. Its design is meant to cause vortex damage to animal tissues. Besides significantly cutting the animal’s body, the shaft technology ensures the arrow flies powerfully through the air.

Firenock Aero Concentric Technology

Ramcat is constantly employing new technology, such as the firelock aero technology, to develop its broadheads. Two O-shaped rings on the threaded shank remove thread slop and enhance alignment during flight.

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Broadhead regulations differ according to state. Ramcats meet all state requirements and can be used anywhere in the United States.

The Good

  • Align powerfully and have strong air flight
  • Deep penetration by cutting more animal tissues
  • The broadhead is easy to screw and loosen
  • Ramcat broadheads are legal and can be used anywhere
  • They are easy to replace and buy
  • They come in different designs and pricing.
  • Ramcat hydro shocks pivot highly and have great accuracy.

The Not So Good

  • People keen on simplicity despise their retightening issues
  • Due to its barbed shape, it might soon be subjected to restrictions.
  • Although it’s rare, sometimes blades break when they entangle with bones.

Ramcat manufacturers are now addressing these issues. Original broadheads now come with reduced retightening issues. For your best hunting results, you can combine the broadhead with the Top 5 Best Chokes for Dove Hunting in 2021(Buying guide & Review)

 Ramcat Broadhead Vs. Qad Exodus

Ramcats and Qad Exodus are two of the most preferred broadheads by hunters. However, they both have different features that make them stand out. In terms of accuracy, both heads are great and will not disappoint.

When it comes to the blades, the Ramcats have a 1/8″ advantage. The blades for both broadheads are replaceable and incredibly sharp. However, the Ramcat broadheads have to be retightened after every shot. Both heads maintain the sharp edge after making multiple shots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ramcat broadheads legal in Idaho?

Yes, they are legal in Idaho. Although the broadheads make a 90-degree, the angle reduces when they are shot.

Is Ramcats Flight Similar to Field Points?

Because of the firelock and aerodynamic technology, the ramcat broadheads fly with the same speed and accuracy as the field points.

Can You Shoot Broadheads Into A Block Target?

No. Only use broadheads to shoot into foam targets and field points to shoot any other type of target. Practicing shooting with field points will get you used to shooting arrows with field points. It is advisable to practice shooting with broadheads to get accustomed to shooting arrows with broadheads.

Are Ramcat Broadheads Barbed?

Due to the swinging blades, the Ramcat swings forward when pushed from the prey’s flesh and therefore does not form a barb, which also depends on regulations by different countries. The ramcats are banned in France because of their barbed nature, but legal in the US, where they are not barbed.

What Is the Best Fixed Blade Broadhead?

It depends on where, what, and how you want to hunt. It would help if you also considered the shooting distance to be covered and the bow performance.

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Wrapping Up

If hunting is your passion, it is crucial to choose the appropriate broadheads, and what better choice than the Ramcat? It is suitable for your training sessions as it is highly penetrating and has excellent air flight. It also comes with both fixed and mechanical blade features. The Ramcat is a versatile broadhead and comes in silver color and stainless steel material. It uses advanced technology that makes it better than other types of broadheads.

Get Ramcat Pivoting Broadheads today for a revolutionized practice and hunting experience!