HECS Suit Reviews –Try for a Foolproof Hide-Game on Hunt

Ask any hunter about the strategies that they follow when going on a hunt. And you’ll see that concealment is a massive part of most of their conversation. You see, the agenda of hiding right is sometimes a key to getting top hits on a hunt.

And to make that happen, you need proper attire. Something that will help you hide among nature, so the target hardly notices your attack. And camo prints are known as the best for this job.

Today, we will discuss HECS hunting suits that are well-praised for their mechanism performance and filed results. We’ll provide the top 3 HECS suit reviews worth every penny. Enjoy!

HECS Suit Reviews – Finding Your Ideal Pick

Let’s promptly enter the complete reviews to know better about these three picks.

1. HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit – A Killer Apparel for Real Men’s

The HECS suit for hunting comes with a long-sleeved top, pairs of pants, and a matching headcover for your games. It also makes sure you face the targeted animals with no snag.

On top of that, the 3-piece suit is made of a conductive carbon grid for hunters to keep cozy during extended wear. It also ensures your body feels cool when doing hard work hunting deer, elk, and rabbits. This thing also makes sure your body is warm under hot seasons.

Want to know the best thing? This suit on top is strict that prevents a tear or rips trouble. It also allows you to wear it for a more extended period.

 It, on top, comes with patented tech to give hunters a better interlock look that blocks an electrical energy field. With this option, you can hunt without a bulky or itchy feel. This suit also allows you to get rid of sound too.

Overall, this suit is an excellent pick for those who want higher-quality hunting attire that supports wildlife. It also ensures the animal’s visual sense to avoid you.


  • It helps you to get rid of making excess noise.
  • Made of solid fabric to reduce wear and tear.
  • The suit appears with plenty of rooms.
  • It is light in weight and doesn’t add bulk.
  • The customer service is super helpful.


  • Not for using natural ozone directly to fabric.

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2. HECS Hunting Realtree Xtra Camo 3-Piece Suit- Stay Hidden In the Field with This One

It’s in our top HECS suit reviews for its patented tech stealth screen fabric that blocks your presence from animals. This suit also has a faraday shield to block your EMF.

This hunting suit has a light, thin fabric of 77% polyester and 15% carbon fiber. On top of that, it allows you to hunt with no snag of weighty feel, and this also ensures your body stays cool and cozy by wicking away moisture.

It also comes in machine washable, which allows you to easily wash and dry it after hunting. To clean this suit, you want to wash it in your washing machine with any favorite detergent.

And this suit allows you to get close to animals without even making a hint about hunting tons of animals. It also makes sure your body is matched with your environment so that animals never notice when you are hunting.

If you want warm and woven base layer hunting apparel, this HECS suit is a blessing. It’s also great for use in any weather.


  • It has thin material for comfortable apparel.
  • For the quality, it’s hard to beat.
  • Good pick for wildlife and hunting enthusiasts.
  • The suit is cozy and well-made.
  • It appears in breathable meshes for the incredible body.

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  • Sadly, this suit comes at a high price.

3. HECS Wildlife 3-Piece Camo Suit – Prevent Your Noise and Odor with This One

The HECS suit fish is made of rigid yet cozy material that helps stop hunters’ noise and odor. It also has fantastic looks in mossy oak country color for outdoor use.

But wait, that is not all. This wildlife camo suit also comes with a conductive carbon grid that keeps you away from tearing troubles. It, on top, is higher in quality so that you can enjoy the suit for a while.

Besides, it helps anyone to get closer to animals up to 69-75% with the HECS Stealthscreen tech. This thing helps your energy and sense to block from most animals.

This camo suit also has a highly interlocking design, ensuring you are hunting well. On top, it ensures you never find any fault in stitching or electric layout. This thing also allows you to hunt freely with no unwieldy feel.

 It is a massive deal for those who prefer a durable and good investing hunting suit. The suit also ensures you feel cozy and relaxed even if you are hunting for too long.


  • The pant has an elastic waist with drawstrings.
  • Lightweight and cool even in the sunlight with a cool breeze.
  • This suit is meant to block EMF signals.
  • Good pick for big games.
  • It has an affordable price point.


  • A few people find the size accurate.

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What to Look for the Best HECS Hunting Suit?

Before going to the market, you want to consider some considerations for getting the best in both worlds. So, take a close look and start reading down below: 

Check the Material

 The material used in HECS suits should come in washable and breathable fabric. Usually, the most used fabrics in HECS suits are polyester, carbon fiber, or spandex to keep you warm and dry. As for hunters, it’s a must to go with a cozy HECS suit that avoids moisture.

Consider the Durability

A good quality HECS suit with durable hunting clothing should perform well when hunting big games. So, ensure to check the HECS suit’s eternal existence.

Look for Latest Technology

Do you know the scientifically proven HECS allows you to get 75% closer to hunting an animal without discovery? The invisible stealth screen tech of HECS suits helps you hunt without waking your meant animals.

Go with Lightweight Garb

When hunting animals, it would be very uncomfortable to wear a bulky HECS suit. So, look for the lighter HECS suit for quickly killing animals in wild games. 

How to Wash a HECS Suit?

If you are a hunter who wears HECS suits frequently, it’s vital to learn washing. There is no such fixed way to clean a HECS suit. You only want to ensure the suit is cleaned well by doing the steps.

Depending on the quality of the fabric, you want to use a non-harsh detergent before starting the primary process. Use a good amount of water and detergent in your washing machine for some minutes. After washing the suit wet, dry it in a temperature room.

If you don’t have a washing machine, cleaning with your hand is trouble-free. You want to use any mild detergent and water mixture in a buckle and gently rub the suit. After that, dry the wet suit in the low arid room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a HECS suit?

The HECS suit is built out of carbon fiber and used for hunting. It helps by blocking the energy field so your targeted animals don’t sense your moves. It also stops the aimed animals from seeing you.

Does the HECS technology work?

Most buyers give mixed reactions to the HESC technology for blocking your movement or hunting energy. This tech helps you with a highly conductive and knitted carbon fiber grid that is made to blind the target for a perfect hunt. Yet, some people undergo doubts.

When to replace a HECS suit?

Most brands come with good quality HECS suits that last only five years. Depending on your care and repairs, you can increase the life span. Also, if you see wear and tear, it’s the right time to replace the suit immediately.


And on that note, you have our selected top 3 HECS suit reviews that perfectly blend quality, pricing, and effectiveness. Picking any of these three according to your need, you’ll blend better with the hunting surrounding. And that means you get closer to your target for a triumphant return from a hunt. Good Luck with Picking Your Ideal HECS Suit!