Top 5 Best Chokes for Dove Hunting in 2022(Buying guide & Review)

While hunting dove is a fun activity, it requires a well-thought-out plan to capture these speedy birds owing to their random flying patterns.

But with the appropriate tools and expertise, it should be easy to bring down these birds. One tool that is very effective in the hunting of doves is the choke. Chokes come in different designs, and it is essential that you select one that will be right for the job.

Lucky for you, we have gone out of our way to present you with the best chokes for dove hunting.

Exploring 5 Best Chokes for Dove Hunting

After a lot of research, we settled on the following best chokes to use for dove hunting:

Now let us review these chokes in details and show you why they made it to our list of the top 5 options:

1. Carlson's XR 12 GA Choke Tubes- best choke for dove hunting benelli

Why Buy It?

This XR choke tube from Carlson's boasts of a strong stainless steel surface for safety during rough weather conditions. A target hit is assured even in windy areas.

One thing that makes it stand out is the design style that enables it to produce patterns when shooting the long beard turkey loads. It also improves dove hunting by allowing better hits.

Additionally, it comes with a stellar design that enables it to reach a longer range when bird hunting. The hunter can reach a longer distance just by delivering pellets. It also ensures that higher hits without loss of power.

The choke has 0.66 diameters ensuring better penetration when target shooting. Exemplary performance is also guaranteed with longer downrange reach when hitting doves. With this feature, no time is wasted waiting for a perfect chance to take a deadlier shot.

If you are an established hunter who values accuracy, you will love this particular choke. It will serve you for a long time with no need for a replacement any time soon.


  • It enables shotgun targets even in windy areas
  • It is ideal for all dove hunting purposes
  • The choke tube is budget-friendly
  • Long-distance accuracy is assured
  • The product delivers dense patterns


  • Some buyers don’t like its quality.

2. Remington Rem Choke- best resistance-free choke to use for dove hunting

Why Buy It?

It has an improved cylinder, modified and full choke tubes by the Remington brand that eradicates rust. It also ensures a smoother hunting operation with the right pattern and no loss of power.

The choke tube comes in a pack of 3 tubes, ensuring a seamless experience when hunting birds. You are always sure of food on the table because it is ideal for hunting various birds such as doves, turkey, quail, and other birds.

It can handle both lead and steel shots for easy target shooting with a shotgun. This feature makes it also compatible with the Remington 870, RIA vr60 shotgun, and many more for great game hunting.

Due to the choke's performance, a shotgun can make perfect shots even at midrange. Hunters can pursue their hunting activities with the assurance of a more remarkable penetration. For this reason, a single shot is enough to bring down a dove.

 This particular choke tube is ideal for hunters searching for budget-friendly and quality options. It also comes with a durable surface for extended hunting periods.


  • It is easy to install and uninstall from the gun
  • It gives value for money
  • Constant and accurate patterns are a surety
  • It is ideal for beginner hunters
  • Perfect for hitting clay birds


  • A few buyers dislike the size

3. Browning Midas Grade 12 Gauge Choke- best lightweight choke for dove hunting

Why Buy It

This brand is worth a mention due to its lightweight nature that allows for better aim when hunting. The Midas ensures you trap and sporting dove and clay birds at ease

Browning is fitted with the latest invector technology that makes it compatible with Mossberg, Winchester, and so many more. It gives you an easy time when selecting a suitable choke for your shotgun.

Additionally, this 12 choke gauge tube has an extended design that enables quick installation. No tools are needed for installation on the shotgun, thereby saving money and time on fitting.

The 0.695 surface allows for the wide spreading of the pellets and has an excellent cylinder that enables shots up to 40 yards. With a Midas in hand, you will find it easy to target doves and other birds in upper areas.

Generally, the Browning Midas is a must-have for hunters who love outstanding features and stability in a choke tube. It has a hip look that qualifies it to be a perfect gift for a loved one who loves to hunt.


  • The Midas choke series always perform well
  • The choke tube offers decent patterns for hunters
  • It is affordable
  • Browning Midas is durable
  • Suitable for the browning silver hunter


  • Not ideal for the H&R 1871 guns.

4. Patternmaster Choke Tubes- best choke for dove hunting 20ga

Why buy it?

It is a top pick due to its reliable quality that enables it to stop the shot cup design stress. It also ensures a perfect shot with no recoil problems hence a decent flight control.

With the classic long-range options, the choke tube ensures a fast gas release for an efficient shot pattern. It not only helps you wad quicker but also take an impressive shot. This makes it one of the best chokes to use for dove hunting.

The bronze titanium coating blends well to reduce rusting of the surface. The users never have to worry about the choke tube's metal marks with such a coating, not to mention the money saved on lubrication and repair.

The choke tube is equipped with strong protection to withstand all kinds of heat, ensuring it performs optimally under all conditions. This eliminates cases of pellet damages when firing. Besides durability, it guarantees safety even when hunting in hot summer.

This is the best option for people keen on upland game hunting and requires a well-constructed choke tube. It ensures that hunting is not hindered even in rough conditions, like rain.


  • It is brings down doves quick
    • Enhances fast shooting with a shotgun
    • It is ideal for target hitting
    • A hunter can hit targets at long range
    • The design keeps off rust and erosion


  • It is quite expensive due to its high quality

5. Patternmaster Anaconda Choke Tubes- best shotgun choke for dove hunting

Why Buy It?

The Patternmaster Anaconda is the best pick for long-range dove hunting. It is fitted with an extra full pattern and can cover a distance of up to 60 yards for the big games.

This choke comes with a stud ring that allows it to fit perfectly for better shooting accuracy. Targeting fast with a friendly gun is recommended so that you never overlook a shot.

The stainless steel construction of the choke tube gives it perfect stability making it last longer. Issues of rust and decay under wet surfaces are also done away with. This ensures the dove hunting goes on even in the rain without compromising the choke tube's quality.

It is fitted with a coil zone that harnesses gas that ensures consistent patterns for excellent target shooting. This feature delivers good aim when shooting dove, quail, and other small birds, with no pressure or recoil issues.

Generally, the choke tube is a great pick for beginner hunters who desire to hit targets at 60 yards distances. With quick delivery of shots, a hunter's confidence is boosted.


  • A perfect option for long-range hunting.
  • Good customer service
  • It’s quite easy to set up.
  • Easy to target
  • It’s good for getting the job done.


  • unsuitable for steel choke use

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Chokes for Dove Hunting

There a several factors that a hunter must take into account when selecting the best chokes for dove hunting. Depending on your prior hunting activity, you need to figure out what will add value to your hunting. Read on to find out more.

Check the Choke Tube's Construction

Consider going for a dove hunting choke tube with strong construction material. One with no constriction or resistance performs well and delivers better shots when hunting. Since a hunter only needs a few pellets to bring down a bird, a skeet choke, a cylinder, and an improved cylinder are all he/she needs.


A stain steel choke promises the most extended life. Successive hits may not be possible under rough and wet conditions. However, a choke made of stainless steel will still deliver under such conditions.

Lightweight Vs. Heavy Weight

While buying a suitable choke for dove hunting, consider going for a lightweight one. Low-weighted chokes do not affect the move.

Compatibility with The Shot Load

First, figure out the type of shot load you would like to use in your hunting. Whether steel, hevi-shot, or tungsten, ensure you select one that is compatible with your load.

Choose an Extended Choke

When you go hunting, it is best to use an extended choke to save on time. It is not only easy to install but needs no tools to fix.

Select A Choke That Stops Pressure and Recoil

Pick a choke that that allows a quick release of gas, thus stopping pressure and recoil. This option separates the wad faster, delivering a consistent shot pattern.

10 Dove Hunting Tips for Beginners

Doves can be a good choice for  perfecting your hunting skills. The birds are in plenty in the world, and over 70 million are hunted each year.  Doves are easy to hunt compared to the waterfowl and big game. Although you do not need a lot of gear and equipment, you must adequately prepare for the hunting to be successful.

Do you have your hunting license and migratory bird permit? If so, arm yourself with a short gun, some shells, and head to the hunting location.

Here are a few dove shooting tips to take into account when hunting these swift-moving creatures.

Wear Camouflage

If you want a successful kill, wear gloves, a net face mask, and drab clothing. Any other type of clothing will scare away the birds. Also, hide in nearby bushes or trees and do not move until the birds come within your range marker's sphere.

Carry the Right Accessories

The right accessories and the right hunting gear increase your chances of landing a kill. Good polarized glasses help in enhancing visibility, no matter the light conditions. Also, consider carrying snake chaps if you will be hunting in an area infested with snakes.


Scouting helps you learn the dove's flight routes the doves use when going to water dens, food fields, and back to the roosting areas. It allows you to set up on their most-used route. Exploring also comes in handy when hunting in the fields. Early scouting will guarantee better results.

Use Decoys

Placing decoys near your hiding position presents opportunities for shooting doves at close range. Ensure all you erect several on the ground and others on fence lines and dead trees. If possible, use battery-powered decoys so you can spin their wings and look as natural as possible.

Take Cover

Do not waste your ammunition by standing in a hunting field and shooting randomly at the doves. It will be wise to plan the hunt and stay out of the dove's sight to improve your hunting success.

Choose an Appropriate Rifle

While every hunter has their preference for a rifle, there are some basics that one must uphold when choosing a gun for dove hunting. Consider using a 12-20 gauge shotgun for quick shifting and high-flying doves. Use an improved choke tube for first doves flying close by and a modified for those flying far off.

Use Range Markers

Shooting out of range results in wasted ammo and missed shots. Setting range markers around 35 yards from your hiding place and marking them with fluorescent clothing ensures you only shoot doves that are within range.

Only shoot at doves within the decoy's circumference.

Concentrate on A Dove at A Time

A hunting field has many bird species. As a beginner, it's essential to only focus on one bird at a time. Focusing on more birds than one ends up in many missed chances. Once you spot a target, stick with it until you hit it.

Avoid the Light

As you strategically place the decoys, check the direction of the sun. The sun has a blinding effect; it will affect the effectiveness of your shots. Let the sun be on your backside.

Be Patient

Patience is critical when hunting doves. As much as dove hunting is an easy skill to learn, you will make plenty of mistakes as a beginner. But don't give up. Stay calm, and you will improve with time.

Keep practicing

The more you practice, the more you will enjoy and get better at dove hunting. Hunting airborne targets is not always easy. But with the right dove hunting strategies, the learning curve is significantly shortened. Now go out and get 'em! 

Dove Hunting Seasons and Licenses In 2021

Dove season is usually a perfect opportunity to initiate someone new into hunting. It presents an excellent time to celebrate and even spend time with loved ones. In light of this, you must understand the proper hunting seasons and the necessary licenses you need to hunt in 2021.

Dove Hunting in Georgia

September usually presents a favorite period for Georgians as they engage in dove hunting, a sporting tradition that is many generations old. 2021 is yet another year that families and friends will head outdoors for this great outdoor activity.

The official dove season 2021 is Sept. 5-30, Nov 21-29, and December 8- January 31. Shooting hours are set at noon to sunset on an opening day,September 5, and 11/2 before sunrise to sunset for the rest of the season dates.

Additional Tips and Information

  • Dove field forecast: All available crops are identified, and the opening day's hunting conditions are assessed.
  • Regulations Quick review: A hunter is only entitled to a 15 doves daily bag limit. Collared doves are not considered in the dailydove limit. Shotguns are only allowed to hold up to 3 shotshells when hunting doves. Landowners of private property must grant permission to the hunter for hunting to happen on their land.
  • Report banded doves: In 2003, 2 US agencies and several states started a banding project that continues to date. Hunters participate in the conservation by looking at the hunted doves for leg bands and relay the band numbers to USFWS here.
  • Ensure the field is legal: The online brochure 'Dove Hunting and Agricultural Practices in Georgia' will come in handy. You can find the migratory bird information.
  • Licenses needed: For hunters above 16 years, a hunting license and Georgia Migratory Bird Stamp are required. This stamp represents how Georgia takes part in the Federal Harvest Information Program (HIP). With some licenses, you can get the Georgia Migratory Bird Stamp at no cost. Licenses are available for purchase online at, phone at 1-800-366-2661, or license vendor's locations.

Virginia Dove Season

Dove hunting is allowed within the boundaries of several management areas.

First Segment:

September 5 -October 28

  • On September 5, noon until sunset.
  • September 6 -October 28: An hour before sunrise till sunset

Hunting to take place only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Labor Day.

Second Segment

  • November 21-28th

Third Segment

  • December 24- January 28

Hours for 2nd and 3rd segment

1 ½ before sunrise to sunset

Hunting can happen daily except Sundays

Bag Limit

For the dove season  , 15 per day, 45 in possession comprising mourning doves and white-winged doves, singly or combined.

Legal Game birds

  • The legal game birds allowed for hunting include.
  • The morning dove: Longtail pointed, brown with black spots on wings, All of Texas
  • White-winged dove: Long rounded tail, a white bar on wing, South Texas
  • White Tipped dove: Large rounded tail, rust-colored wing linings, South Texas

You must be excited about the upcoming Georgia dove season 2021. It's a great time to bond with family and friends. Getting proper gear and equipment is not enough; you must acquire the necessary licenses as well for a trouble-free dove hunting experience.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Chokes for Dove Hunting

What Shots Are Ideal For Dove Hunting?

For better dove hunting results, smaller shot sizes of 7.5, 8, and 9 will be ideal. Such shots only need few pellets to take down a dove. Compared to heavier loads, shorter shots ensure you don't waste too many shotshells in one hunt.

How to Attract Doves?

There are simple rules you can follow to attract doves. Spreading roost on the hunting area will attract doves. Alternatively, you can use a decoy or place water on the gravel to attract them.

What to Consider When Dove Hunting?

There are several considerations to make to capture doves safely. You must create a suitable environment to catch them, keeping in mind that doves need an open ground for feeding. A smart way of catching doves is by using roost, grit, or gravel.

Which Type of Chokes Hunt Doves Better?

Most people prefer using tight chokes for dove hunting which makes it more difficult to hit a shot. An improved cylinder or a modified choke tube with a wider shot pattern is the best option for dove hunting.


Bravo, fellow hunter! You now know everything about choosing the right choke for your next major hunting session. Go for any of the 5 chokes discussed here, and you will not be disappointed. While at it, note that there are rules and regulations related to dove hunting that you must follow.

It is essential that you still do further research before finally settling for a choke. Only then will you explore the fun of taking doves down like a pro.

Good luck with that.