A Must-Read FoxPro Hammerjack Review

My old man used a fox whistle back in the day. These whistles still need to be made available. But you can only buy a fox whistle and blow with prior knowledge and practice.

That’s why we are ready to pay top dollar for the best electronic caller. So welcome to on FoxPro Hammerjack review post. We used it for a season, and it was worth every buck.

The Hammer Jack may not pack every FoxPro predator caller feature, but FOXBANG and FOXCAST should justify the price tag.

Key Features:

  • Max 300 sounds capacity ( preloaded 100 sounds and up to 111 sounds free to download)
  • FoxCast & FoxBang
  • FoxJack 4 ( Integrated Decoy )
  • 2 Inner speaker jack and a single auxiliary jack    
  • Twin amplified speaker system with included FoxJack decoy
  • Programmable sounds via USB port
  • Keep sound files in different categories for quick access
  • Low battery indicator ( The caller on light keeps blinking )
  • Battery life: 3-7 hours of continuous use


  • Caller weight: 3.5 lbs, including the batteries
  • Battery: 8 AA batteries ( recommended NiMH rechargeable batteries, which aren’t included)
  • Product Dimensions: 8″×5.5″×6.”
  • Speaker positioning: Front (1 horn), Back (1 cone speaker)
  • Connectivity: 2×3.5 mm jacks ( External speaker), 1×3.5 mm jack ( Auxiliary), 1× charter jack, USB port
  • Warranty: 3 years ( limited)

Remote Features:

  • Up to 200 yards operating distance
  • Easy to read large screen
  • Two preset buttons
  • Compatible files: 16B, FXP, WAV, MP3
  • TX915 transmitter

FoxPro Hammerjack Pros & Cons

No doubt, the FoxPro Hammerjack is one of the best predator callers. But it’s not without a few ups and downs. Let’s find out what they are before making the purchase.


  • The FoxJack 4 decoy is top-notch and works excellent to distract coyotes with its Fuzzy Wuzzy topper.
  • FOXPRO sounds library is preloaded with functional and quality sounds.
  •  The three-year warranty is enough security for your investment.
  • The remote keypad layout and the display are simple and easy to understand
  • I also liked the fact that it’s lightweight and durable at the same time.
  • Super easy to navigate in-between settings, menu, and music library.
  • Implementing FOXCAST and FOXBANG made the FoxPro Hammerjack bang for the buck.


  • The Hammer Jack e-caller needs a total of 11 AA batteries to operate. The cost will increase if you don’t buy rechargeable batteries and a charging dock.
  • Sometimes the remote needs a line of sight with the caller to work.
  • I would love the Hammer Jack even more if it were waterproof.
  • I get around 5 hours of backup from my Hammer Jack. That’s why I keep another stock of batteries ready to go. I suggest you do the same.
  • Unfortunately, the hammer Jack can’t output two types of sounds simultaneously.

FoxPro Hammerjack Review in Details:

Not only the FoxPro Hammerjack is American-made, but its build quality has satisfied countless hunters for many years.

Let me tell you about the FoxPro Hammerjack electronic caller. It’s an excellent mid-range digital caller. This e-caller audio offers file customizability and precise sound imitation for your preferred species like fox, Coyote, or Puma.

Let’s dig deep into some features first.

Have you used a higher predator caller like the FoxPro Shockwave or the FoxPro X2S Highlander? If you have, then the features of the FoxPro Hammerjack will feel right in the alley. Those who migrated from budget callers like the FoxPro Patriot might take a bit of getting used to it.

FoxPro 4 Integrated Decoy:

An integrated decoy on top of the caller is a great way to attract predators for visual detection. And I love that Fuzzy Wuzzy Topper imitates a rodent to the predators’ prying eyes of the predators. And you can program their movements into the FOXCAST sequence.

What is FOXCAST?

FOXCAST is a feature that allows you to program different types of calls sequentially. You can’t keep calling the same thing over and over. It would help if you mixed the calls in high-pitched yippies, puppies in distress ( works nearly everything), howl, bark, etc.

You can use FOXCAST to sequence different types of sound at a separate volume. You can also set the call reparation numbers and pause duration per call.

The primary purpose of FOXCAST is to play your preferred sound without juggling through different folders, especially when aiming at your kill.

Remember, different sounds are needed to attract different types of species. Let’s say you’re hunting for coyotes. Then you’ll have to choose the right tone when calling coyotes.

What is FoxBang?

When you discharge bullets, the “BANG” triggers mute, decoy, or preset sound files from 1-5. The FOXCAST allows personal call sequencing development, and the FoxBang features hands-free sound toggling. It may sound minor, but you’ll get the hang once you use these features.

Precise and Robust Sound Quality:

You want to invest hundreds of dollars mainly because of the sound quality. And let me tell you, FoxPro Hammerjack won’t disappoint you.

The first time I used it, I noticed the sound didn’t break even at a higher volume. And there’s zero distortion. Predators are genetically intelligent creatures who detect fake sounds from miles away.

But with the FoxPro Hammerjack, even a seasoned veteran hunter can’t make the difference between predator and caller sounds.

The unit has a dual-amplified speaker that delivers quality sounds even at higher volumes. If you are looking for more sound on a budget, the additional twin-speaking input port allows you to mount two more external speakers.

The main two-speaker delivers sound in different intensities. Like a coyote distress call, you’ll get high-frequency noise at the front speaker. And the rear speaker puts out low-frequency sounds like mountain lions, owls, bears, and pumas.

Preloaded and Free Sound:

The FoxPro Hammerjack speakers have reliable build quality. It’s paired with 100 different sounds, with 111 tones free to download. But the digital caller can store up to 300 different sounds.

Some of the preloaded predator sounds include Red fox rally, coyote puppy distress, the howl of foxes and wolves for mating, grey fox distress, puppy cries, and last but not least, the submission call from the female coyote.

And some of the free-to-download sounds are Buck snorts and grunts, buck fighting for females, puppy distress, and coyote siren.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport:

The FoxPro Hammerjack is easy to use. The interface is very intuitive and features a comfortable, accessible layout. Its smaller size and lightweight build let you seamlessly shift from spot to spot.

Weigh-in at only three pounds, the FoxPro Hammerjack lightweight is one of the lightest e-caller out there. You can slide through the hunting ground without making a sound.

I also love the option to add two additional speakers. Should we need those extra speakers? We could all use a sound in the rain, storm, or snow.

Remote Control Features:

Like every FoxPro e-caller, the remote is easy to use. The button layouts are easy to understand. You can navigate through different options and categories of sounds with ease.

I also love the light-red backlit LCD panel. The display is easy to read, even under direct sunlight. Depending on your surrounding light condition, you can adjust the brightness level from 10-100%.

I always appreciate little details put together, like that timer to track the elapsed time on the FoxPro Hammerjack remote. It’s a nifty feature to track the duration of your hunting sessions.

FoxPro Hammerjack Remote Range and Keypad Layouts:

  • Select button
  • Power on/off
  • Volume
  • Mute Toggle
  • Preset buttons ( P1 and P2 )
  • Volume up and down
  • Auxiliary Button
  • Loop for hooking the remote
  • User button
  • FoxBang on/off indicator
  • Menu/Previous
  • The remote range is approximately 200 yards.
  • Port to connect with your compute
  • Mute status indicator
  • Battery Capacity Indicator
  • Elapsed Time Tracking
  • Volume up/down indicator

Now let’s get familiar with the FoxPro Hammerjack Horn.

  • Durable ABS Plastic outer shell
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Decoy ( FoxJack 4 )
  • Cone Speaker (Backside)
  • Port for the internal speaker ( Front )
  • Principal Speaker/ The horn ( Front )
  • Port for the External Speaker ( Rear )
  • Port for the auxiliary device
  • Charging Port
  • Switch for the internal speakers (On/Off)
  • Service Light Indicator

Included Tools with the FoxPro Jammer Jack:

My first FoxPro e-caller was the Patriot model. I was thrilled with some of the included useful devices when I opened the box.

Their efforts made me stuck with the manufacturer. You’ll find some valuable tools already included with the FoxPro Hammerjack.

These devices will be very convenient for hunting and save you money. Let’s see what tools we are getting out of the box.

You’ll get an auxiliary jack, a USB cable, and a charging cable with an adapter after unboxing the FoxPro Hammerjack. The auxiliary jack allows you to connect two additional speakers. And the USB connection is what made the FoxPro Hammerjack so customizable.

Connect the e-caller to your computer to access those preloaded audio files in the sound library. You can download free sounds from the FoxPro Sound Library.

I loved that the FoxJack 4 decoy is included with the Hammer Jack e-caller. It’s a quality decoy with a Fuzzy Wuzzy topper, which delivers flawless movement across the giving ground.

I wish they included those 8AA batteries too. FoxPro, let’s get it done with the next shipment of e-callers.

Stay moderate with the battery price. Invest in premium batteries to get the most out of the FoxPro Hammerjack. Undoubtedly one of the best electronic callers in the market today.

Consider buying these FoxPro accessories:

To make the hunting experience more intuitive, consider a few related accessories with the FoxPro Hammerjack e-caller.

  • The remote has a little loop at the bottom side. You can use the FoxPro Lanyard with a carry sling to keep the remote from falling and your hands-free to show your marksmanship.
  • You can add an external speaker that supports a 3.5 mm jack for higher sound.
  • I got the FoxPro Fast Car charger kit a couple of months ago. It works just as it advertises.
  • It would help if you used a bag for the e-caller. Although the horn and remote have a rugged build quality, a drop could damage cosmetics or hardware. If you don’t use a bag, please grab one of these FoxPro e-caller carries cases to keep your hard-earned investment safe from jeopardy.
  • You could use rechargeable AA batteries instead of non-rechargeable ones. I use a rechargeable battery charger. It’s affordable and saves me from spending extra money.

Why should you buy the FoxPro Hammerjack?

I don’t see why not? You’re getting a package deal at an affordable price tag.

You can also control the FoxJack 4 Fuzzy Wuzzy decoy with the remote. Just tap on the “aux” button to start the decoy movements and press it again to stop.

Its three years warranty period is enough to convince any hunter to put their money down for business. Long story short, you’ll get a fantastic performance at a fraction of the price. And it’ll be criminal if I don’t address FoxPro’s excellent Customer service and warranty support.

The “legendary” FoxPro warranty:

I’m making this bold statement because I’ve used their warranty clause. The problem was minor, and after 27 months of using the Hammer Jack, I was convinced that FoxPro might not consider it a challenge.

Because my unit accidentally had a fall, I couldn’t connect it to my computer. FoxPro offers limited warranty coverage where physical damage wasn’t under their policy. But to my surprise, they serviced my Hammer Jack, knowing it was my fault in the first place.

I have never received this kind of support from any product manufacturer.

FoxPro Customer Support:

Just like their warranty coverage, the customer support is spot on too. They will provide informative replies to your queries via email and community forums.

FoxPro provided an easy-to-read user manual. It would help if you looked at least once to understand how to properly use the FoxPro Predator caller.

I would give them after-sale services a 10/10.

A few tips

  • Let’s say you forgot or damaged your decoy for some reason. What do you do? I use a few turkey feathers and hand them from a branch via a wire. It resembles the prey that coyotes tend to notice. But you can’t make this improvised decoy move like the FoxJack 4.
  • It would help if you carried extra sets of batteries to use the caller for longer. Some people don’t buy the recommended (NiMH, 2300 mAH or more) capacity batteries, which causes a weak backup.
  • Try to reposition your e-caller. If no predator shows up, then shifting hunting spots will help. So you can cover more ground without the caller dying on you.
  • Try to keep the remote in the line of sight of the caller. Place your caller at least 3-5 feet off the ground. It will increase the transmitter range to its maximum.
  • I did everything you said, but the transmitting range is still reduced. You have to understand that it’s a radio signal. Your surrounding atmosphere will make an impact. You might face this issue in cold, rainy, snowy, or windy weather.
  • Another issue most FoxPro caller faces is the sensitivity of the FOXBANG. You can do two things to address this issue. First, you should calibrate the FOXBANG sensitivity to the recoil of your rifle. If you still face this problem, place the remote on the ground or your thigh strap. Just keep the remote away before making the kill shot.
  • Stay out of night hunting right after you buy the new FoxPro. Get familiar with button layouts beforehand because those need to be backlit keypads.
  • I was surprised to see no threads or attachments for tripod mounting. But if you wish to place the caller off the ground, hang it in the bushes or from a tree branch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What time of the day is best for hunting coyotes?

A. Coyotes like to hunt in low lights and when it’s dark. So it would help to look for them in the dawn and dusk. Nighttime is also best for coyote hunting.

But you’ll need some unique gadgets like infrared scope and binoculars to be successful. Although if you like hunting older coyotes, most coyotes that dwell in the daylight are old.

2. What is the best gun to hunt coyotes?

A. I won’t name one or two specific guns and label them as the best. Because every manufacturer puts maximum effort, and every weapon is useful in a professional’s hand.

But I use two rifles, the AR-15 and Marlin 336, and both guns are good at hunting coyotes and other predators.

3. What happens if I shoot and miss a coyote?

A. Don’t worry if you miss your shot. Coyotes are very social animals. They will do anything to protect their young. So play coyote puppy distress sound in your e-caller and wait for at least one of them to show up. Trust me, and they will show up.


I’ve used a few electronic predator callers over the decade. Few made sense and performed as they should. I’m writing the FoxPro Hammerjack review to get the word out. And I would advise you also read my

Yes, it is one of the best predator e-caller in this price range to this date. Let me be clear; you won’t get all the features like FOXDATA, FOXFUSION, FOXMOTION, and FOXPITCH. Despite the absence of these features, the FoxPro hammer jack is worthy of your hard-earned dollar.

Happy hunting, folks.