5 Best Deer Feeder Timers Analyzed & Exposed

Wild enthusiasts and expert hunters will better understand deer feeders and how effective these are for proper manual food distribution. You needn’t be a genius to set these up and enjoy fantastic convenience. However, it would help if you were smart enough to get a suitable deer feeder that does the job perfectly.

Today we will be talking about that! We will reveal much about the five best deer feeder timers with unique functions and exciting pricing. Keep on Reading!

Breaking Down 5 Best Deer Feeder Timers

Here are the complete break-downs of 5 recommendations we are making:

1. West Texas Feeder Supply Timer– Simple and Reliable One to Connect Your Feeder

Why buy it:

With the best services, the West Texas Feeder Supply brand features a simple and constant timer for hunters. The timer also ensures no hitch while attaching it to your feeder.

It also has a simple plug-in option with four different color wires to fit the motor and battery. To connect, you need to set the two types of wires, one to the battery and the other wires to the motor.

This deer feeder timer comes with a safe delay test mode to check if you are doing it correctly or incorrectly. It also helps you to see the result of deer coming at ease without resetting the whole function.

On top of that, the timer comes with 11 button types to do everything you need to feed a deer. It also includes run time, set clock, and P1 to P6 buttons to feed deer with no trouble.

 This deer feeder timer is ideal if you need dependable, easy-to-set options. Its all 10 Amp glass fuse also protects it.

  • The test button is handy.
  • It works as a good luck charm no matter what the temp.
  • This deer feeder comes with easy setup benefits.
  • It is protected by five years of warranty seals.
  • The packages include a small waterproof box.


  • A few buyers need some help with duration.

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2. Moultrie Universal Digital Timer– Schedule Up To 6 Feeds a Day with This Option

Why buy it:

 The Moultrie timer comes with decent technology of an intelligent timer that feeds up to 6 times a day. It also assures you to be alert when to feed deer by setting the timers at ease.

This deer feed timer also has an adjustable run time of 1 to 20 seconds for each supply. With this option, you can easily feed the deer by adjusting the time option.

It also has a built-in battery indicator to view the current and set time with no trouble. This also helps you feed deer by setting and viewing the recent time without going to your house to check.

Besides, the deer feed timer comes with three unique simples up, down, and set buttons to set the time. It also ensures you set the alarm smoothly and with many options.

 Overall, it’s a smart option for those who prefer quick and easy features without sacrificing practicality. The timer is also friendly with 6- or 12-volt feeders to set quickly.


  • This deer feeder timer has a reasonable price to get.
  • It lasts for a more extended period.
  • Great replacement for the most spartan employee.
  • The timer is easy to set and works fine.
  • It comes with a very flexible unit.


 A few buyers prefer its short wires.

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3. American Hunter 1006692 Digital Timer– Budget-Friendly Option for Controlling Your Feeds

Why buy it:

The American Hunter brand offers the best options for the highest quality deer feed timers. They ensure their buyers get good features at a decent price tag.

It also comes with a digital signal timer viewing LCD that takes no effort to set the alarm. This thing on top helps a lot to view days from Monday to Sunday with program options.

There is no doubt of this deer feed timer’s fineness as it comes with an adjustable feed rate option. As deer are shy animals, it needs slow Rpm initially to feed comfortably, so this timer includes high to slow speed features.

This deer feed timer also features feeding options from 1 to 16 times per day. With this option, you can easily set things up by managing what time to feed deer.

If you prefer a deer feed timer with eight different times and good setups, then it’s an acceptable option. The timer is also an intelligent choice at a reasonable price for new hunting persons.


  • The deer feeder timer is super easy to program.
  • Suitable alternative controller for big games feeder.
  • It takes no extra effort to install or remove.
  • The timer includes a clear instruction manual.
  • Reasonable price for the beginner to get.


 It appears to be smaller than other deer feeder timers

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4. Boss Buck 1.96 Simple Set Digital Timer– Adjust the Feed Broadcasting Area High to Low with This Option

Why buy it:

The Boss Buck timer has an adjustable feed controller timer with high, medium, and low Rpm settings. It also ensures you can adjust the feeding pressure for deer to eat quickly.

This 1.96 digital set timer comes with 12- and 6-volt compatible options to set in the feeder easily. It also comes with four types of wire to set these into the motor and battery.

Want to know the best thing? It comes with simple to use option with big and comfortable buttons to press and set at ease. This thing also helps you to set the alarm with straightforward directions.

In addition, it comes with easy-to-adjust Rpm settings for choosing the fast speed to find deer. This also helps you keep feed confined to camera view and feed pen setups.

Generally speaking, it’s a good option for those who prefer fully versatile and straightforward operating timers. This deer feed timer also has a good battery life indicator to set feeding time.


  • The feeder timer is straightforward to use.
  • It comes at a decent price point.
  • Pocket-friendly size to carry at ease.
  • It doesn’t give eye pressure to read the details.
  • The deer feeder timer helps greatly with small games.


  •  Most customers find it not for long-term benefits.

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5. Wildgame Innovations TDX Digital Timer– View Every Detail of Your Feeder with This One

Why buy it:

The Wildgame Innovations timer has clear viewing LCD screen indicators to set reminders easily. And it helps you to see the battery life, Rpm options, and others with digital signals.

On top, the deer feed timer comes with digital electronics in a good size to easily attach it to the feeder. It also includes two wires with a small tube to understand the wire joint.

This timer also comes with a clear-cut instruction book to discover all related to setup and parts. The guide has accessibly written details for those new to it to learn better.

Like other brands, it also comes with large buttons and an easy-view LCD to set time at ease. This thing also helps you with seven easy squashy buttons to press at ease when setting the timer.

 This deer feed timer is a must-have for you to get up to 6 seconds of feed time, battery indicators, and adjustable motor speed. It’s also a good option for big game hunters.


  • It connects at ease and tests well.
  • Great replacement for the price and quality.
  • The RPM setting of this feeder timer is adjustable.
  • It has a good instruction guide for learning the installation.
  • The deer feeder timer is trouble-free to use.


  • When detaching the battery, it needs to reset the programs.

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What to Look for in the Best Deer Feeder Timers?

A hunter new to hunting should have many things to concern for picking the best deer feeder timers. One of the main things to do for picking suitable timers is to research and make suggestions. Read down below to catch up on amazing tricks for not regretting later.

Look for the Convenient One to Go With

It would help if you considered the suitability of a timer for your deer feed tasks. As a hunter, getting a timer that blows at the right moment is essential to signal when to hunt. And for that, the timer should be easy to use and connect for your big games. So, pick a deer feeder timer that needs no effort to set up.

Inspect the Feed Times of Timers

Most expert hunters suggest a deer feeder timer that can feed up to 1 to 6 times. A timer helps the deer feeder control the feed amount while maintaining dispensed feed inside. Some brands offer six times while other brands offer four times feeding control. Yet, it’s good to go with a timer with better facilities.

Decide Timer on Its Button Size and Indicators

If you hunt deer daily, it’s essential to pick a timer with suitable buttons and screen signs. Big timer buttons with battery life, current time, date, and Rpm indicator are highly appreciated. For that reason, note that before going to the market.

Check the Customizable Run Time of the Timer

Another thing to consider before choosing a timer is its run time. A good deer feeder timer should feature an adjustable run time from 1 to 16 seconds for each season. So, make sure to pick one that includes customizable run time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right time for setting the timer?

Most hunters suggest setting the timer to flatten 2 hours after sunrise for 5 seconds. It’s also suggested to set it 2 hours before sunset for 5 seconds as it’s the right time for deer to show up.

Is it hard to install a timer?

The timer, including a better installation room, is relatively easy on any feeder. It needs AA batteries that are 6 volts to connect well. If you feel stiff or want to avoid installing it, getting help from professional mechanics to solve the installation issues is okay.

Are deer feed timers weather-proof?

The deer feed timers are weather-resistant and can fight in most situations. Yet, it’s wrong to think waterproof, as the timer cannot work fine on a damped surface. The timer is also made from IMO, which works fine in most climates.

How to program a timer?

To program a deer feeder timer, follow the basic rules by reading the instruction guide. It would help if you plugged in the red and black wire to the battery and the blue and white wire to the motor. And this is how you can program a timer.


Once you own the best deer feeder timers, it will be super simple and easy. Getting out of your wildlife will never be this amazing once you utilize a suitable deer feeder. The customized feeding schedule opportunities will make things significantly easier for your regular life. And also, the straightforward design with simple installation is one of the many reasons you should consider buying these.

Hopefully, you can decide on one sure pick out of the five we recommended, enjoy viewing pleasure and accomplish the best for your hunting needs. Good Luck with That!