Top 5 Best Garmin Watch For Hunting and Fishing

The best Garmin watch for hunting can have more meaning than just telling time. It's a valuable tool and it's helpful in executing our daily activities. If you attend a dinner party, you’ll need a dinner watch, if you go fishing, you’ll need a fishing watch and if you go hunting, you’ll need a hunting watch.

Hunting watches are amazing. Hunters like the thrill of being outdoors and away from life’s troubles hence they can easily lose track of time or wander into uncharted territories. With the technology that the hunting watches offer, they don’t have to worry about those things.

You can also use a hunting watch to predict deer movements instead of spending hours waiting for them to come out of their hideouts. It basically eliminates a large portion of time that would have been wasted if you waited for the deer to come to you.

Benefits of Using a Garmin Watch For Hunting

It has a remarkable GPS tracking

Garmin offers the best handheld GPS accessories which comes in hand when integrating the built-in GPS for marking and tracking your hunting routes in the deep woods.

This watch is also the best when hunting with dogs. Going to hunt rabbits accompanied by your dog is fun but you’ll need to keep checking on the dog from time to time. When you have a Garmin watch, you can easily track and see the direction the dog is headed.

Used for mapping

Garmin watches save the location you are at when you go hunting. It has a GPS to store coordinates (latitudes and longitudes) which comes in handy when mapping your review.

Most hunters like to look at the stored coordinates after a long and tiring hunt, this is easier with a hunting watch which has a GPS. They are required to press a single button and save their coordinates then move to the next location. 

Send text messages without using a phone

The Garmin hunting smartwatch contains all the smart notifications you’ll need for your outdoor activities. After a long hunting day, you can check your phone notifications,emails and text messages on your watch, you don’t have to wait to go home to check your phone.

Used in weather updates and forecast

Instead of spending a lot of time texting and guessing on the weather conditions, use a Garmin Fenix hunting watch. It has hourly, daily and weekly weather forecasts.

It will also prepare you to expect either cold temperatures or adverse weather conditions so you can focus on beating the wild.

Contains a Barometer, Altimeter and a Compass

Carrying these sensors is very inconvenient for a hunter who is supposed to carry a hunting gun and not a compass while in the forest. So, when you have such a watch containing all the sensors is very helpful.

The Altimeter helps to record the altitude especially when climbing a mountain. Barometer reads the changes in air pressure so it can alert you when there is a storm or bad weather coming. The onboard compass gives you basic bearing and the direction to head to.

The Top Best Garmin Watches For Hunting

Garmin Fenix 6

The Garmin Fenix 6 is one of the best hunting watches money can buy. It tracks adventures and performance well and it has a GPS mapping on almost every outdoor activity. It contains a lighter and slimmer chassis and an optimised battery management.

It has a robust design to withstand harsh outdoor environments and elements such as mud, water, and extreme temperatures. It's by no means sleek and it might even look a little monstrous for people with slender wrists.

It is controlled using buttons instead of a touchscreen.This makes it easy to operate in windy and wet environments such as underwater. When operating this watch, no accidental commands that can occur since you’re using buttons.

Its screen is the biggest design upgrade. It has a resolution display of 1.3in, 260x260 offering. This upgrade makes a lot of difference, text display is much clearer and more data can be displayed on the screen.

It has a sensor to measure heart rate and also to measure heart rate when submerged underwater. It also comes with a pulse oximeter which is integrated and branded as ‘Pulse Ox4’ by Garmin to allow the user to track their body’s oxygen absorption.

Other features include:

  •  Stress tracking
  • Incident detection that sends emails and automated SMS including the GPS location and  your name to the listed emergency contacts
  • HR sensors which are elevated

Fenix 6 can track a multitude of activities such as swimming, running, cycling, Yoga and skiing. It can also track cardio during high intensity workout.


  • It has activity tracking which is detailed and accurate
  • The best device for outdoor tracking
  • Has a long battery life
  • Its design is unbreakable


  1. It has limited functionality
  2. Does not include many new features compared to Fenix 5
  3. Its expensive
  4. The connect IQ store is a bit clunky

Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

The Garmin Vivoactive 3 is the best watch to buy if you're shopping using a tight budget. The features which are premium are not included but its good quality to price ratio watch. It’s usually designed for runners and it can also be used while on hunting trips.

It's made from materials which are durable, can withstand harsh conditions and are easily cleaned at the end of the hunt. It’s case is manufactured from stainless steel, plastic and its band is made of silicone.

It contains a gorilla glass which is resistant to scratches and gives the watch a robust dial protection. It’s available in different colors like gray, black and white

Garmin Vivoactive 3 watch can access 15 GPS which are preloaded and sports apps which include swimming, running, yoga and many more. Log into the IQ store of the garmin and choose any smartwatch free face.

Its technology can be used to make payments. When you take a rest from hunting, you can use this watch to buy refreshments. Its model also comes with a heart rate monitor and a stress monitor which depends on variability of the heart rate.

This watch is also compatible with android and iOS mobile devices. This means you will be getting notifications on your watch when you are hunting. Its battery lasts for about 7 days.


  • Its compatible with Android and iOS
  • Has a heart rate variability
  • Has up to 15 GPS which is already preloaded
  • Affordable to people on a budget


  • Has a weak water resistance (50m)
  • The battery life could be improved

Garmin Tactix Bravo

This Garmin watch is one of the best rugged watches hunters use when they compare price to quality ratio.

It's durable, knurled, black, anti-reflective carbon shaped like a diamond and  coated with a stainless steel EXO antenna which provides an increased rust and abrasion resistance.

It's a GPS watch premiumly built and has high sensitive GPS for route finding and positioning. The GPS also comes in handy in tracking deers in deep forests.

This hunters watch also has altimeter, compass and barometer sensors for tracking outdoor expeditions and adventures therefore its the best watch for hiking, hunting and fishing. It is waterproof to withstand showers and splashes in wet environments.

It comes with a three-ring interchangeable strap made of nylon to fit comfortably. Its stainless steel bezel is protective and its buttons make this watch look rugged even when you’re in hazardous weather conditions.

Its battery life lasts up to three weeks in the mode of a smartwatch, 22 hours in GPS mode for deer hunting and 48 hours in UltraTrac battery saver mode.


  • Its compatible with Android and iOS gadgets
  • Its waterproof (100m), used for swimming
  • Has a special compatibility with the night goggles
  • Uses signals from three different satellite networks
  • Its GPS/GLONASS positioning has a high sensitivity


  • Could be good

Garmin Instinct

This watch is the most rugged timepiece in terms of quality to price ratio. It contains a standard GPS signal and it picks its data from GLONASS and Galileo satellite networks to give you more reliable coordinates even in an unpredictable environment.

Garmin Instinct contains an in-built altimeter, barometer and a compass to help you navigate your hunting routes.Trackback is another feature found in this watch which aids you to navigate back the same route to where you started.

It’s made using the U.S military standard 810G and the end product is an impressive durable device which is resistant to water (100m), shocks and temperature. Its body is made from polymer which is fiber-reinforced to form a rugged and easy to clean plastic.

A mineral glass is combined with a dial widow for further protection from damage. It also has a display which is easy to read even during bright sunlight.

And since Garmin Instinct is a smartwatch, it has more additional functions which contributes to your well being when in a hunting trip, they include:

  • Stress monitor
  • Activity monitor
  • Heart rate monitor

The watch is compatible with both the iOS and android devices so you can connect your phone and after enabling all notifications, the watch can do the rest.

Its battery life is rather impressive.The regular smartwatch mode runs for 14 days without charging, in GPS mode it runs for 16 hassle free hours and when in Ultratrac battery saving mode, it runs for 40 hours.


  • Has a rugged body
  • Has a trackback feature
  • Uses signals from three different satellite networks
  • Resistant to low temperature, shocks and water
  • Has barometer,compass and an altimeter


  • Its expensive

Garmin Fenix 5X Plus

This outdoor watch is perfect for hunting adventures if you’re willing to spend a lot more money than the budgeted. It's the ultimate multisport GPS watch which estimates your heart rate from your wrist to ensure your wellness.

It’s a premium GPS watch used for hunting and it features a Pulse Ox sensor which is adaptive and placed on the wrist. It comes in handy when you’re hiking high altitude mountains. It will help in estimating your blood oxygen saturation.

Its design is made from a durable sapphire lens which is scratch-resistant and a stainless steel carbon shape like a diamond titanium bezel and a strong back case. Another feature is the TOPO map which is fully colored used to explore uncharted deer areas and to track them.

Altimeter, barometer and compass also are helpful when venturing unbeatable paths while hunting. With MSPR function included, this watch is best for military hunting.

The GPS installed in the watch can play and store songs.This is a great wearable  entertainment gadget when hunting solo. It has a storage of around 500 songs and playbacks accompanied with Bluetooth headphones.

With the multiple GPS networks, GLONASS and Galoleo satellite reception, you can track hounds and locate deers in challenging environments. Its battery life can last up to 22 days in smartwatch mode and 14 hours with music.


  • It comes with a barometer, altimeter and a compass
  • Has a multi-networking navigation
  • Its TOPO mapping is full-colored
  • It uses wrist-based heart rate


  • No refunds after the purchase

How To Choose the Best Garmin Watch

I know choosing the right hunting watch can sometimes be overwhelming and difficult. Therefore, I wrote this overview to help you make the right decision. With different features explained, it might be easier for a hunter to choose.

Don’t compromise the comfort of your wrist, so pick a garmin watch that’s comfortable and suitable to wear while shooting. You can also choose the best Garmin watch by checking the following features:


Hunting is an activity which increases the risks of damaging your watch. Hence you need a good quality watch which will protect your screen from being scratched by tree branches. Consider buying watches with gorilla glass, mineral crystal and power glass.

Ensure the band and the case are made of durable materials such as silicon,titanium and stainless steel. It should also be water-resistant incase the weather changes while hunting.

Appropriate appearance

A competent watch for hunting should camouflage to avoid unnecessary attention. It shouldn’t distract the animals you’re hunting with its flashy and reflective colors.

Functioning GPS

All Garmin watches used for hunting have an inbuilt GPS to navigate data from Galileo,GPS and GLONASS satellite networks.

Battery life

Ensure your hunting watch can at least last a whole day. 10 hours of battery life in GPS mode is better since it’ll keep you company all day long.

FAQs on Best Garmin watch for hunting

Which Is the Best Watch For Hunting?

Garmin Instinct is the best and the most strongly built GPS hunting watch when going for extreme hunting trips since it can withstand tough environments. Its 100m waterproof makes it the best smartwatch for hunting and fishing.

Is the Garmin Watch Distance Accurate?

The distance accuracy measured by the GPS Garmin watches is about three meters. Hence at any given time, your device will save your location within three meters of your actual location. This device can also record more distance while stopped in areas with degraded GPS signals.


GLONASS is short for Global Navigation Satellite System and its a Russian satellite-based navigation system which works alongside GPS (Global Positioning System) to deliver information to compatible devices.


There you have it. The top 5 Garmin watch for hunting. With one of the above options, you can make your hunting trip a breeze.