Dove Hunting Seasons and Licenses

Dove season is usually a perfect opportunity to initiate someone new into hunting. It presents an excellent time to celebrate and spend with loved ones. In light of this, you must understand the proper hunting seasons and the necessary licenses to hunt in 2021.

Dove Hunting in Georgia

September usually presents a favorite period for Georgians as they engage in dove hunting, a sporting tradition that is many generations old. 2021 is yet another year that families and friends will head outdoors for this great outdoor activity.

The official dove season 2021 is Sept. 5-30, Nov 21-29, and December 8- January 31. Shooting hours are set at noon to sunset on an opening day, September 5, and 11/2 before sunrise to sunset for the rest of the season dates.

Additional Tips and Information

  • Dove field forecast: All available crops are identified, and the opening day’s hunting conditions are assessed.
  • Regulations Quick review: A hunter is only entitled to a 15-dove daily bag limit. Collared doves are not considered in the daily dose limit. Shotguns are only allowed to hold up to 3 shotshells when hunting doves. Landowners of private property must grant permission to the hunter for hunting to happen on their land.
  • Report banded doves: In 2003, 2 US agencies and several states started a banding project that continues to date. Hunters participate in the conservation by looking at the hunted doves for leg bands and relay the band numbers to USFWS here.
  • Ensure the field is legal: The online brochure ‘Dove Hunting and Agricultural Practices in Georgia’ will be helpful. You can find the migratory bird information.
  • Licenses needed: For hunters above 16 years, a hunting license and Georgia Migratory Bird Stamp are required. This stamp represents Georgia’s Federal Harvest Information Program (HIP) participation. You can get the Georgia Migratory Bird Stamp with some licenses at no cost. Licenses are available online at, by phone at 1-800-366-2661, or by license vendor’s locations.

Virginia Dove Season

Dove hunting is allowed within the boundaries of several management areas.

First Segment:

September 5 -October 28

  • On September 5, noon until sunset.
  • September 6 -October 28: An hour before sunrise till sunset

I am hunting to take place only on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Labor Day.

Second Segment

  • November 21-28th

Third Segment

  • December 24- January 28

Hours for 2nd and 3rd segment

1 ½ before sunrise to sunset

Hunting can happen daily except Sundays

Bag Limit

For the dove season, 15 per day, 45 in possession comprising mourning doves and white-winged doves, singly or combined.

Legal Game birds

  • The legal game birds allowed for hunting include.
  • The morning dove: Longtail pointed, brown with black spots on wings, All of Texas
  • White-winged dove: Long rounded tail, a white bar on the wing, South Texas
  • White Tipped dove: Large rounded tail, rust-colored wing linings, South Texas

You must be excited about the upcoming Georgia dove season 2021. It’s a great time to bond with family and friends. More than getting proper gear and equipment is required; you must acquire the necessary licenses for a trouble-free dove hunting experience.