FoxPro Patriot Review- A Must-read Before Buying

While coyotes are easy to spot, they’re speedy and can be hard to trap. To make it easier to catch predators, consider mimicking their sounds. If you plan to go hunting, one of the must-have tools is a predator caller. And when considering different brands, you may come across the FoxPro Patriot.

FoxPro Patriot Review: An introduction

The FoxPro Patriot is an excellent tool for all predator hunters. It features 35 sounds from Foxpro and can accommodate over 300 sounds. It’s highly portable as it has a lightweight design. It’s also durable as it’s made of an ABS plastic cover. Not only does it have a crisp-clear sound, but it will easily outsmart hundreds of predators by mimicking their sounds. It works well even when you are 58 meters away. But is it all breeze with his handy tool? Let’s find out in this FoxPro Patriot review.

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 FoxPro Patriot Reviews: Key Features

  • Stores up to 300 sounds
  •  135 preloaded sounds (35 of which come preinstalled, while you can download the rest from FoxPro’s free sound library)
  • USB input port for user personalization
  • Single external speaker jack with a single speaker
  • Decoy Auxiliary jack
  • Elastomeric keypad remote
  • 4 AA battery to operate

TX433 Remote Features:

  • Operating distance of over 300 yards
  • Dual user configurable
  • Lanyard loop
  • 9V Battery
  • FOXCAST available
  • Limited warranty of 3 years

FoxPro Patriot overview

When you look at the FoxPro Patriot, it will likely exceed your expectations as it produces high-quality calls. The programmable caller also comes with many great features at its price point. But with the lightweight design, could they have cut corners on the build quality and design? Let’s find out.

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Design & Build Quality of the Patriot:

Regarding construction and durability, the FoxPro Patriot is made of solid abs plastic, which is more robust than standard plastic.

Therefore, even if you drop the Patriot on the ground, the plastic cover will absorb the shock protecting it from breakage. While you might notice a few cracks, you can be assured that the unit will remain standing. We dropped it a few times during our FoxPro Patriot review, and it didn’t break down.

However, that doesn’t mean you can subject the unit to abuse. We recommend that you carry the FoxPro Predator caller in a padded backpack, which will help to protect it from dust and debris as it isn’t dustproof.

FoxPro Patriot Review: Pros and Cons

During our FoxPro Patriot review, we found the following pros and cons:


  • Compact and durable
  • Lightweight: Only 1.5 lbs
  • Long-range, intuitive, and durable remote controller (TX433)
  • FOXCAST technology allows you to customize calling sequences
  • Ample sound storage options
  • High-quality sound
  • Has the option to connect an external speaker
  • The Auxiliary Jack allows you to connect various compactable devices, such as the FoxJack 5 decoy
  • Affordable
  • An elastomeric keypad that is easy to use even with gloves
  • Supports different file formats: WAV, MP3, FXP sound files
  • Tripod mountable
  • FoxPro Patriot remote features a power on/off switch along with other standard buttons
  • Made in the USA


  • Poor quality remote antenna.
  • You can only add sound to the FoxPro Patriot using windows OS.
  • Lacks tweeter speaker
  • You can’t play two sounds at the same time.

You can read what other buyers say about the FoxPro Patriot here

 FoxPro decoy 

While the FoxPro Patriot doesn’t feature a decoy, this is understandable given its affordable pricing. Luckily it’s compatible with the FoxJack 5. All you need to do is to pull out your battery cover. You should then connect the FoxJack 5 with the battery and the 3.5 mm mono patch wire to the auxiliary port of the FoxPro Patriot.

FoxPro Patriot Sounds

FoxPro Patriot predator call has fantastic sound quality. You’re going to love its clarity and range. Even at higher volumes, there is no sound distortion. The first time I called the coyote, I was stunned by the FoxPro Patriot range and its high pitch volume and clarity.

The quality is comparable to expensive electric callers like the lucky duck revolution and FoxPro Shockwave.

However, the company could’ve done better by preinstalling all 135 sounds in the device. Instead, the device features only 35 animal sounds out of the box. You can only use windows to download those extra (FREE) 100 sounds.

Types of Sound

There are several types of sound stored in the FoxPro Patriot. You can call and make distress signals to imitate a puppy, female coyote, vixen, puma, and hog.

To get a unique FoxPro Patriot sound, head to the MFK and purchase your preferred audio sound.

Call Categorization

It would help if you were as discreet as possible when hunting predators. FoxPro has a feature that allows you to categorize each animal’s sounds for easier access. The animal indexing feature is a great addition that we liked during our FoxPro predator call reviews.

Sound Personalization

You don’t need to limit your choice to the preinstalled and free sounds with FoxPro. You can customize the sound to make your next predator call unique, as FoxPro Patriot allows you to add 125 of your chosen sounds to the already included 135 sounds.

Connecting your FoxPro Patriot with your windows computer adds to your personal touch. 

Remember that you can only keep your sound files in .mp3, .wav, or FoxPro’s FXP format. FoxPro can’t play sound files other than these mentioned formats.

Here are instructions for you to read.

FoxPro Patriot Remote distance and details (TX433)

The FoxPro Patriot remote range is a few hundred yards. If there are no obstacles, you can stay connected to the e-caller from over 100 yards away.

But even if there are a few obstacles, you don’t need to worry as the transmitter of the remote has good coverage. It will keep the connection in areas with a few obstacles. You don’t need to point the remote toward the e-caller because it works fine without a clear line of sight.

You can find more ideas on increasing the small range in the “Pro Tips” section of our FoxPro Patriot review.

What is Elastomeric Keypad?

The FoxPro Patriot remote features an elastomeric keypad or a silicon rubber keypad. I also like the critical spacing that makes reaching even with one hand easier. No matter how thick your gloves are, you should only expect to make an accidental press on the right button.

As you can see, it has an elegant but straightforward keypad layout. The “Play/Select” button is surrounded by two scroll keys (positioned vertically) and 2 volume up-down keys (positioned horizontally). The power and menu keys are at the top. Two user keys on both sides surround the mute key at the bottom.

There are a few things I liked about this remote in my FoxPro patriot review: 

  • The deep orange backlit LCD panel is crisp and clear to read, even under intense sunlight.
  • All animal sounds are listed in their categories, making them easy to navigate.
  • Thanks to its backlit keypad, you can use the remote easily at night.
  • Under the “Favorites” folders, you can place the most frequently used sounds.
  •  The FoxPro Patriot remote allows users to set their predetermined volume for each sound to make the right sound at the right moment with proper intensity without spooking the prey.

Remote Design Flaw

One of the things we didn’t like in our FoxPro Patriot Predator call review is the antenna that breaks easily. Any short-distance falls, or sudden collisions with complex objects might break it off.

The solution:

Just fold it down once you finish working with it. And be careful about where you’re putting it. I suggest hooking the remote to the clam of your Wader or service belt (If you use them).

A few additional features of the FoxPro Patriot


Not entirely. However, you can safely use it under a slight drizzle. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Since I couldn’t find any waterproofing or water-resistant certification anywhere, I suggest you keep the e-caller away from getting wet.

The solution:

It’s pretty simple. Use a ziplock bag. FoxPro is very compact. It’ll fit any standard ziplock bag easily. If you don’t have a ziplock bag nearby, wrap the e-caller with a poly. Either way, it will only significantly affect the sound clarity. Don’t let it get wet; you should be fine for years.

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Pro Tips:

I’ve been using the FoxPro Patriot for some time and found a few things that might come in handy for you.

  1. Try to set the FoxPro Patriot caller a little upwards. It will help the sound to penetrate in any windy situation.
  2. The FoxPro Patriot range is excellent. But it depends on where you put your caller unit.
  3. FoxPro Patriot’s remote distance is over 100 yards. Suitable for a predator e-caller under 200 bucks.
  4. If you put it on the ground, the remote range gets significantly reduced, whereas the opposite happens if you place it at a higher altitude—such as a treetop.
  5. I like to wrap my FoxPro Patriot with camouflaged tape. The sound is getting clearer. Again that’s my personal preference. But it helps to hide the caller from the prying eyes of predators.
  6. The FoxPro Patriot uses 4X AA batteries, a standard for an electric predator caller. I always keep a set of extra batteries in case the operating batteries run out. Also, try to use rechargeable batteries with a charging dock. It’ll save money and prevent waste building.

Benefits of an Electronic Game Call 

I saw my old man using a plastic caller in the days before the electronic game call came into the market. They used bone, horn, and wooden mouth calls as well.

But eventually, the predator got smarter. They started to spot fake distress and cries. Beginners spooked away their prey. Skilled hunters, however, mastered the art of calling.

That’s why there is a need for an electric predator caller came. And now, the market offers different solutions for different price ranges.

Here’s how an electric predator caller has given us the edge over these clever and cunning predators.

  • E-caller lets you use different animal sounds, from crying to distress signals, to grab predators’ attention and prompt them to investigate.
  • Manual calls require skill and suitable surroundings. Any adversity from your surroundings will reduce your call quality, unlike electronic predator game calls.
  • You are not limited to using only those preloaded sounds. You can easily add your music and make your next game call the most unique. You can also personalize and blend a few calls targeting specific species. The yelp, lower frequency howls, and great distress calls get the attention of coyotes immediately.
  • I won’t say that the FoxPro Patriot is the most durable option, but it’s tough enough for the hunt. The higher-end electronic predator callers have robust and rugged construction. They are waterproof and shockproof. So you can rest assured with your hard-earned investment.
  • Another significant advantage of using an electric predator call is taking advantage of the forest structure. You can fit the caller into a bush or hang it off a tree branch. Or play the sound from a burrow. There are endless ways to do this.
  • I also love that I don’t have to relinquish my position, which is impossible with a manual caller. Plus, there will be no movement with an electric caller. You won’t spook away potential kills.

My Take Away

I’ve covered nearly every detail in the FoxPro Patriot review. The FoxPro Patriot is an excellent choice for beginners and a secondary choice for veteran hunters who already own a high-end electronic predator caller.

Of course, there are some downsides to this e-caller. But what we’re getting for the price is enough to bring successful kills for years.

I loved its compact design language with the combination of durable build quality. You’ll feel the solid construction once you pick up your first FoxPro Patriot.

I wish they could fix the remote antenna issue, though. The whole remote feels good and sturdy in hand, but the fact that it breaks easily is a downturn.

Other than that, it’s an excellent e-caller priced under 150 bucks. The sound clarity, zero distortion in higher volumes, remote range, plenty of free sounds, and surprisingly lightweight design has convinced me to invest my money.

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Let me know what you think about the FoxPro Patriot review. I’d love to have a chat.

Until then, be the predator.