Quick Answer: How Many Arrows in a Quiver You Can Carry?

Do you have an idea about how many arrows in a quiver you can take? If no, then, read this post and know within minutes.

In the archery world, carrying enough arrows is a very crucial fact. So, you need a good knowledge over the quivers’ containing capability to take enough bow bolts.

But then the question arises how many arrows you can take? So, to clear out all these facts and provide you with a proper concept, we are here with this article.

Here, you will know about different types of quiver and the number of arrows you should take in a quiver.

So, have a deep breath and read to get the right info.

How Many Arrows in a Quiver You Can Hold

Most often, it depends on user preferences. Before thinking about how many arrows you should carry, think about hunting purposes.

For Hunting

In general, to hunt a deer, three arrows will be enough. But if you are a newbie in this profession, then you can carry five to seven arrows in your quiver.

However, a quiver containing 20 arrows weigh around one pound. So, if you have an option for keeping your quiver hanged somewhere beside you, you should take more. The more you can carry will benefit you.

It’s good to take more than lacking. So, if you can’t hunt with massive weight, then it would be ideal for you to take 5 to 7 arrows for a day of the hunt.

For Shoot Practice

Again, for shoot practice purpose, you won’t need to carry any arrows with you. In most time, they will be providing the arrows during your practice session.

For Battle

In ancient time meaning medieval, most archers used to carry 60 to 70 arrows in each quiver. The quivers full of arrows are known as sheaves. And in the medieval era, shoulders would take a minimum of 3 to 4 sheaves holding 60 to 70 in each.

That time the purpose was for battle. So, they would need 10 to 12 arrows to shoot at a time. As a result, they would need to carry 60 to 70 in each quiver. And a minimum of 3 sheaves.

Let’s Know About Different Types of Quiver

When you can decide how many arrows you need, now you need to choose an excellent quiver to carry your bow bolts. There are different types of quiver available. But which one will be going to be perfect for you depends on your choices.

Overall, there are four different types of quiver you can get.

  1. Belt quiver
  2. Back quiver
  3. Ground quiver
  4. Bow quiver

So, let’s have some detailed view of these quivers types and their user preferences.

1. Belt Quiver

Belt quiver, also known as a hip quiver in medieval time. It’s clear from the name where you can hang this quiver. Of course, you can hang this quiver attaching to your waist or belt.

It gives you the option for carrying arrows every time very conveniently. You can hang your belt quiver on that side which is your dominant hand of hunting.

Nowadays, most hunters or newbie hunters like to use this type of quiver. These seem easy to carry. You can pick your arrows by seeing them besides you.

2. Back Quiver

Back quiver stays on your back.  You may have seen the movies “Robinhood”, “Hunted”, or “The Hunger Games”. In these movies, people carry the arrows on their back. The arrow holding container on their back is the back quiver.

Most of the pro hunters use these type of quiver. They find these beneficial to carry and hunt also. While hunting, you can’t see your arrows as they will be on your back.

So, to use this quiver, you must have a clear conception over arrows and their use. Otherwise, you may end up hurting your hand every time while picking each bow bolts.

3. Ground Quiver

Ground quivers stay in one place and hold the arrows together.  When you don’t have to move much while hunting, ground quiver is the best and perfect option for you.

 You can hold as many as the capacity of the quiver as you won’t need to carry it all the time. These type of quivers hanged or stay in one place.

These types of quivers are also known as traditional quivers. People in the medieval period used this quivers. When they needed to shoot staying from one fixed place, these quivers benefitted them.

In modern time, people who hunt from staying on the treestand can use this quiver. The best part of this quiver is you can hang it in any suitable place beside you.

4. Bow Quiver

Bow quivers are not any extra container just the compound bow. The modern compound bow has the option to carry a minimum number of bow bolts with it. So, it’s an excellent option for hunters or shooters or athletes.

You can’t carry a lot of arrows in your compound bow but only three to four. But this is also enough for a day of hunting.

The best part is you don’t need to carry any additional bags or quiver with you. You just need to take your bow and enough.

5. Japanese Quiver

The last but not the least quiver is a specially designed quiver made in Japan. Among the Japanese quiver, Yebira is the most famous one. You can carry six arrows in one quiver.

There is also leg-mounted quiver that you can attach to your leg. People prefer to use this while sitting on the horseback.

Again, there is some arrow bag also similar to the belt quivers. In ancient time, British people seem to use these arrow bags to carry arrows when they go for hunting or war.

Final Verdict

Whether you are a newbie or a pro hunter, you must need an arrow bag or quiver to hold your arrows. You can have traditional arrow quivers or any modern quiver. And the most time it depends on your hunting performance.

What quiver you choose, if you have a clear idea about how many arrows in a quiver you should hold or you can, your hunting performance would going to benefit you the most.

In general, it would not need more than three to seven arrows for the hunt of a day. But more is preferable.

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