How Fast Does an Arrow Travel After Hitting It?

Archery is a dedicated and passionate animal hunting and target practicing a sport that so many people are getting interested in with time. And the reasons are apparent. It’s fun, challenging, and at the same time, pretty sophisticated.

Becoming a pro hunter will require you to go through several lessons, practices, and questions. One common question that most novice and intermediate-level bow hunters have is how fast an arrow travelsToday, let’s chat about the average speed for this great gear and some common factors that decide that speed. Let’s Go!

How Long Does an Arrow Travel – The Average Speed?

The arrows’ speed can differ depending on the bow type to shoot better or slow down at one point. Now, you might need help to learn about their average speed of them and how fast an arrow travels.

Different bow arrows vary in speed, so finding their correct average rate is hard. Yet, many kinds of research show that the average speed of recurve bow arrows is 225 FPS or 150 MPH. While in contrast, the compound bow arrows can travel up to 300 FPS or 200 MPH.

Unlike others, the longbow’s arrows come with 100 pounds drawing weight capable of traveling 180 FPS or 122MPH. By looking at all types of bow arrows, their average speed will be 235 Feet per Second or 150 Miles per Hour.

Even though most arrows tend to fly between 100 to 300 FPS, they are slower than the slower gun. The slow weapon can shoot animals or objects for up to 400 FPS. Yet, some guns are available that are slower than the bow arrow’s average speed.

If comparing the bow types to each other, it’s clear that the longbow arrows are leaking in speed. Since they are relatively heavier than the other bow arrows, they tend to slow down while hitting the target.

Factors That Decide the Speed for Arrow

After reading the average speed, it’s time to give you some ideas that influence the rate of arrows. Read down below to catch up on more details:

Drawing Weight of the Bow

Does the arrow speed depend on the drawing weight of the bow and arrow? The more drawing weight you insert, the faster your arrow will fly when you shoot. Also, it measures the potential energy needed to pull the bowstring.

The Drawing Length

What do you think it’ll happen if you drag the bowstring in the back with arrows in an inch difference? No speed indicates that the bowstring’s drawing length also affects the rate.

As it’s common to understand that the more you pull your bowstring backward, the more it’ll run onward. So, think of the drawing speed when you need better arrow speed.

Arrow Trajectory under Shooting Condition

The trajectory of an arrow is an essential aspect that helps it to fly faster. In most cases, you’ll experience the quicker your hand moves forward and the smoother its flight trajectory is under firing conditions.

The Bowstring Construction

Another thing that significantly affects how fast an arrow can fly is the bowstring construction. Depending on its built material, your arrow can get slow or fast traveling advantages.

The bowstring made of elastic-plastic materials amplifies the distance to travel an arrow by some FPS. It’s better to keep a low-weighted bowstring to increase the speed for up to 3 FPS.

Design of the Arrow

Based on arrow design, you’ll find a massive difference in the speed of shooting arrows. It’s because of the heavy and light design that creates the variation. A golden hand will give a better rate while the heavier one will leak to serve so. For that, invest in lighter yet rugged arrows.

Don’t Forget About the Lubrication

Not only has the arrow design mattered at a faster speed, but also the lubrication is vital to notice. After some years, your bowstring and other parts start to wear down, which can be prevented by lubrication. So, ensure you take care of the bowstring and accessories using regular lubrication.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions also have adverse effects when shooting an arrow which profoundly influences speed. Stormy weather with wind disadvantages helps your arrow to swing over the target. Yet, this type of issue is caused by nature, which needs practice to stay on track.

Is The Speed Dangerous?

Most archery experts believe the bow shooting speed is the safest game in the world. It delivers different speeds depending on the weight and design of the arrow.

Do you know most arrows can fly up to 100-300 FPS? Of course, the bow will deliver fast speed if you use lighter arrows. Then again, the heavier arrows will deliver slower than lighter ones.

Since the lighter arrows will not need extra effort to drag, they’ll deliver fast speed, which is safe. Yet, both bow types need practice and maintenance to avoid accidents.


Modern-day archery has blessed bowhunters and shooters with many options for choosing a nice and elegantly working bow. Many novice hunters and shooters are becoming experts with the right tool and a chest full of desire to do better in this activity.

Becoming a pro will demand meeting a lot of curiosity and practice. And asking a simple question such as how fast an arrow travel is evident because of that. However, knowing how this speed varies will also help to aim better and more accurately. And so, it’s crucial you know the proper perspective about it.