Explaining HECS Suit – Does it Really Work?

You must conceal your presence from the animals if you are a hunter.

To achieve that, you have to take specific measures. You must be careful about your movements and make fewer sounds to attract less attention from the animal’s eyes and ears. You use the direction of the wind even to conceal your body cent to avoid their nose.

Since animals rely on their Sense of smell more than their eyes, you have to be extra careful about that. You may even wear a camouflage suit to blend in with the surroundings, adding to your concealment.

You should also know about this if you are an experienced enough hunter. The quick answer is. Yes, it works.

There had been many instances where everything was in your favor, and your concealment was perfect, but it didn’t work out like it was supposed to. Something is still alerting the animals of the danger.

Mike Slinkard solved this problem in January 2010 with the invention of the HECS Suit.

Upon its introduction, skepticism arose with the obvious question, does HECS Suit work?

What is HECS Suit?

The whole meaning of HECS is Human Energy Concealment System. According to the inventor and numerous experienced hunters, HECS does what the name suggests. It conceals the human body’s energy and lets you go closer to your prey without alerting the animal.

The definition itself may seem like it’s all mumbo jumbo or voodoo, but it’s not the case, and you’ll quickly understand when to know How HECS Suit Works.

We’ll get to that after the introduction.

Who is Mike Slinkard?

Mike Slinkard is a bowhunter from John Day and the inventor of the HECS Suit. Currently, he’s the president of Human Energy Concealment Systems LLC (HECS LLC).

He grew up in Eastern Oregon, surrounded by wildlife, and started bow hunting at a young age. His father was also a bow hunter, and his grandfather was a cattle rancher. So the Slinkerd family had a good understanding of animal nature and behavior.

Mike started doing a job in the timber industry after finishing high school. But soon, he decided to turn his passion for bow hunting into his profession.

In 2000 before starting his own company, he opened a very successful Bow shop.

What is the Origin of the HECS Suit?

Since Mike Slinkard has been hunting animals with bows for a long time, he was well aware of the problem hunters faced while chasing their prey.

The idea of human energy concealment came from his conversation with an employee and fellow bow hunter Max Maupin. They were talking about the 6th Sense of animals. Although 6th Sense may sound rubbish to experienced hunters, it’s something to be wary of. The animals have some means to avoid danger even if they don’t see, hear, or smell anything suspicious.

So they started researching to discover its cause and how to bypass it.

This led to the invention of the most debatable hunting gear in history called the HECS Suit.

Do Animals have 6th Sense?

6th Sense has been debated in the scientific community and among ordinary people for many years. It seemed more related to spirituality rather than science. So many people often deny the existence of such a thing.

Humans and common animals have five senses. They are – touch, sight, hearing, smell, and test.

But it is believed by many that there is another sense other than this five, which was dubbed the 6th Sense.

What is 6th Sense?

6th Sense is a sense beyond the other five senses through which you can perceive things that the other senses can’t. Unlike the ordinary five senses, there is no organ associated with it.

6th Sense in Animals Explained!

The spiritualists from ancient times suggested that every animal emits specific energy from their body, which your 6th Sense can Sense. While it doesn’t seem scientific, science has finally uncovered the truth.

When your heart beats and you move your muscles, your muscle energy is converted into electric energy according to the law of conversion of energy. This creates a particular electric field around your body.

According to Science Daily news from October 13, 2015, 6th Sense is sensing the changes in the electric field. Animals seem to have some mechanism to sense and react to the electric energy emitted by other animals; this way, they can sense the presence of other animals even without using the other senses we use to perceive things.

So that means electric energy emitting from the hunter’s body is the problem.

How Does HECS Suit Work?

Now it’s time to uncover the truth and answer whether the HECS suit work.

The main goal of the HECS Suit is to conceal the electric energy you emit from your body. That’s where the name Human Energy Concealment System came from.

So how does it work?

How can you block the electric energy from your body to shut down the 6th Sense of your prey?

To solve this problem, Mike Slinkard adopted the idea of Faraday Cage technology for his HECS Suit.

It’s a technique introduced by a scientist named Michael Faraday in 1836.

Faraday Cage is a form of shield to block electromagnetic fields.

Your microwave oven uses the same technology to block electromagnetic waves while cooking or heating food.

HECS Suit uses a carbon grid, just like you can find in your microwave door. The carbon fiber woven into the fabrics of the HECS suit blocks the electric signal you are continuously emitting.

Since the electric field that should be surrounding your body is trapped inside the HECS Suit, animals won’t be able to sense your presence using the so-called 6th Sense or the electric field sensor.

And the rest is up to your skill as a hunter.

Final Thoughts

The introduction of HECS caused an uproar in the hunter community worldwide. Because of its new approach towards hunting gears and wildlife interaction, many were skeptical of it. The lack of understanding behind its principles also raised much skepticism and compared it to voodoo or native Indian shamanism. But analyzing the facts carefully and checking all the facts led us to believe it’s more closely related to science than people like to believe.

So Does HECS Suit Work?

Yes, it does, and you should be the one to rip the benefit from it.