How to Wash Hunting Clothes: Pro Tips for Hunting Clothes Care

Are you searching for how to wash hunting clothes? If so, then you are reading the right article.

Hunters may have to stay for a longer time in the bow areas. And soil, dirt, or blood can daub the clothes. So, you must wash your hunting clothes after a specific time.

Here comes the twist. You can’t wash your hunting clothes as you wash your regular wearing. You have to maintain some specific facts while cleaning your hunting clothes.

And in this article, you will get all possible and practical ways of washing your hunting clothes along with some tips to proper care of the hunting clothes.

When to Wash Your Hunting Clothes?

Hunting clothes, also known as Camo clothes, is an essential element in your hunting. Well, you are a newbie or a professional hunter; you need camo clothing to make your hunt more successful and safe also.

And you must keep your hunting gear neat and clean also. For that, you don’t need to wash regularly. Also, you can’t wear the same clothing all time without cleaning.

When to clean profoundly depends on the use. If you are using your hunting clothes very lightly and your clothes are getting very little dirt, then you can wash every 20 to 30 days after.

But if you are a professional hunter and your hunting gear gets contaminated very often, then you should wash your hunting clothes after 10 or 12 days.

How to Wash Hunting Clothes?

You must wash hunting clothes considering some facts in mind. That’s why here we are showing you three affordable and effective process to clean your hunting gear properly.

Process-1: Washing with Hypo-Allergenic Detergent

You can use any hypo-allergenic detergent or soap to wash your hunting suit. Follow the steps below.

Step-1: Wash with the detergent

At first, take your hunting clothes and wash them with any hypo-allergenic detergent or any bar soap that does not have any fragrance or fabric brightener stuff.

You can wash them, putting inside in the washing machine, or just using your hand.

Step-2: Let it Dry out

After washing properly, hang the hunting garment to dry out the water. Here, you can use any typical heat dryer to dry out.

But remember, if your one is the high-profiled Hunting clothes like Sitka fanatic jacket, then d no need to use heat dryer. Hang outside or in the sun to stumble dry.

Process-2: Washing with Any Liquid Detergent

Oh! You can wash your hunting gear or Sitka gear with any fragrance-free liquid detergent.

The process of washing with liquid detergent is the same as shown on the process-1. 

  • Wash the clothing using a detergent
  • Dry out the water properly

Using a liquid detergent gives more benefit and saves your money also because most of the liquid detergent seems to be fresh, and no fabric softener in it.

Process-3: Wash Using Baking Soda

Sometimes, you might need to clean your hunting gear when you are in the hunting spot. That time you won’t find any washer or washing machine to wash them.

In that case, you can use baking soda. Using baking soda leaves no scent in fabric and cleans perfectly. To wash with baking soda,

  • Clean the clothes with an appropriate amount of baking soda
  • Wash it off with cold water
  • Hang and let it to tumble dry

Many like to use baking soda every time to clean their Sitka hunting clothing. As a result, you won’t have any tension for any scent in the clothes.

Some Tips For Hunting Clothing Maintenance

We have researched different hunting clothes like Sitka, Kuiu, and some more.  Hunting clothes Sitka is an advanced type hunting jacket with a sound-suppressed garment.

This type of hunting clothes needs extra maintenances and proper cleaning process. So here we are giving you some tips to keep your hunting clothes tidy and long time wearable.

Either your hunting gear is the general one or the advanced one, you can do proper maintenances.

Let’s know what these are.

  • Always use fresh, clean detergent to wash hunting clothes. Your hunting clothes should be scent-free, even if human scent-free.   

Research shows that a deer can smell around 1 to 4 miles or even farther in normal weather circumstances.

So, you make sure you are not using any detergent or soap that has a fabric softener or conditioner. There are many hunting detergents available. You can use them also.

  • Make sure your washing detergent is UV brightener prevented. General fabric detergent uses some stuff to make cloth look brightener that is not suitable for hunting.

When you are a hunter, your wearing should be very light and not brightening. So, to keep the clothes UV free, use that type of detergent. And baking soda is proved very beneficial in this case.

  • Never use any bleaching powder, or never bleach your hunting clothes.
  • If your hunting gear is of wool or Sitka gear, then don’t use a heat dryer to dry out.
  • You can wipe your washing machine from inside before using it for hunting clothes wash. It will help to keep it scent-free.
  • Spread some oak leaves with your detergent. Oak leaves help to keep clothes fragrance-free also.
  • Never wear your hunting clothes before reaching the hunting spot. It will help to keep the clothes scent-free.
  • Some scent-free sprays are available nowadays. You can use them to make yourself and your clothes any fragrance-free.
  • If your hunting gear is technically advanced, then you can also have the DWR(Durable Water Repellent) wash to restore the DWR in the garment. DWR treatment makes the cloth breathable.

Final Words

Animal hunting is crucial to maintain the wildlife along with fulfilling human needs. And the hunters need proper protection and preparation for the successive hunt. As a result, hunting clothing plays a vital role here.

To keep your hunting cloth clean and tidy, you must know how to wash hunting clothes. And this article has all the practical ways and some maintenance tips also.

Read it and have your proper hunt.

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