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Muzzy is known for being fabulously feature-full in every way with their conveniences, usability, sharpness and most other broadhead categories. There’s a reason why the brand has been so famous recently, say it whether in terms of reliability or how affordable these are. No doubt, you would want to have a check on whether there is a perfect and suitable broadhead to get from this lineup.

 So here we are, picking our top 3 picks for muzzy trocar. The complete muzzy trocar reviews are coming next to give you a broad idea about each of them.

Top 3 Muzzy Trocar Reviews to Find Your Finest Pick

Okay, so here are the 3 broadheads from Muzzy that impressed us in most areas with a very small portion of negative sides that are mostly ignorable.

1. Muzzy Trocar Crossbow Broadhead- Fail Proof Option for Your Big Games

The Muzzy Trocar fixed broadheads comes with good hitting penetration for the larger games. It as well makes sure the aim never runs away from your targeted animal for great damage.

In this guide, you’ll surely find every detail on Muzzy Crossbow Broadhead reviews. This broadhead is made of razor-sharp aluminum steel that makes sure to kill animals in one hit. It as well as helps the bone muscles to cut deeper and truly while hunting heavy deer or elk with this one.

On top of that, it comes in two different size options where one is 100 grain and the other is 125 grain. Both sizes are good for hitting larger animals down to the ground. In fact, the 100-grain option is good for practicing shooting while the other one is ideal for hunting special.

If compared to other Muzzy Trocar reviews, this broadhead sure stands on top for its affordable price point. As most brands only offer quality or good value, it wins both with optimal features. It has small yet strong shape that makes it one of the best for hunting activity.

The broadhead also comes with a large cutting depth that makes sure you’ve killed the animals on the first try. It has 1-3/16 inches of killing depth that helps greatly to go through the animal's flesh. With this option, you can kill small to a larger type of animals by not using effort or strength.

It as well as comes with 3 blades designed in offset type that is perfect for bowhunters who shoot heavy arrows while hunting. This broadhead makes sure to leave the greatest wound with better blood loss. With this benefit, you can ensure safety while killing bears, elk, and larger animals.

This broadhead also comes with easy to sharpen benefits that help buyers to use it even for years. To sharpen the surface, you only need to pick a stone and move the blades back to forward method. Also, it’s better to put pressure at first and then simply let go without using force.

On the whole, this pointy broadhead is a good option for those who want easy usage and killer sharpness. It's also good to fly better even in a long space and slay animals with better power.


  • The broadhead flies at the larger range and delivers devastating results.
  • It is designed in durable yet consistent for all-time benefits.
  • For the sharpness, it comes with thick blades to kill deer.
  • It is good to give solid damage to animals.
  • The archery arrow is super simple to sight in.

  • Cons:

  • Most buyers don't like the need for a wrench to setup blades.

  • 2. Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid Broadhead- Get Accuracy Even in Big Distance with This One

    The Muzzy Trocar HB ti comes with good field points to hit animals as accurately as possible. It as well kills small and mid-sized animals with no trouble of less vigor even in larger distances.

    With 4 blades, this broadhead ensures to kill the aimed animal muscles to give massive blood trails. It as well features 2 rear blades which help to go deeper of the targeted objects for better smash up. This thing makes sure your bow gets through the animal’s fleshes with smooth cuts.

    It as well has expandable blades with a pointy tip on top which helps to make small holes at first and then go through. Also, the chisel broadhead makes sure the targeted animal is being killed with the highest power. With this option, you can kill animals at any angle except 45 degrees.

    Want to know the best part? It is a grouping of both fixed and mechanical broadheads which makes it perfect for all games. From larger to small games, it doesn’t resist to kill animals. Also, it gives a good force to hunt deer and rabbit when the weather is not so friendly.

    Like everything else, it comes with a larger diameter ferrule that suits well with the crossbow bolt for better penetration. The broadhead as well as make sure your targeted animal is cut intensely. With this option, you can kill any type of animal and deliver perfect power on cutting heavier fleshes.

    It on top comes with smooth execution that helps killing more easily for long distances. The hybrid broadhead as well as comes with 0.035 inches of fixed blade that gives the greater power and strength while aiming. Also, it performs like a pro to catch animals in the speed of a bullet.

    The broadhead as well comes with hard-hitting durability with a protective design that helps to drop big games fast. It also has 2 degree offset that makes sure to fight at better spin and field point. With this option, you can hope for better killing performance with no trouble of reliability.

    If you prefer good tuning ability and large cutting dept, then the muzzy trocar switch broadhead is ideal for you. It as well has replaceable blade design to use again and again.


    • For the price, this broadhead is a decent option.
    • It appears with 2 size options to suit.
    • The broadhead is able to kill animals for up to 60 to 70 yards.
    • One of the best broadhead for leaving massive cutting depth.
    • It has good quality and perfect edges to fly straight.


    • We find the customer service not helpful at product-related issues.

    3. Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Broadhead- Decent Option for Larger Entry and Exit Holes

    For the best muzzy trocar reviews, this broadhead is the ideal one. It comes with good sharpness that ensures your hunted animal gets deeper entry that leaves bones by injuring well.

    This broadhead as well comes with light surface which ensures better power and energy. It on top has a less heavy trait that assures tireless hauling of a good number of broadheads. Also, this thing as well as helps better cut with good accuracy as fast as possible.

    Made of solid steel construction, it comes with a precise tip pointer that gives better durability and deeper cutting depth. It on top helps the surface to last longer even when it meets water, heat, and force. With this option, you are able to kill animals without thinking of its surface.

    Another plus point of this broadhead is it requires no effort to clean when it gets blood and germs. To clean the surface, you only need to take tissue or clean cloth with a few drops of alcohol. After that, clean the surface in dabbing motion with the cloth or tissue and do the same process to other blades too.

    It as well comes with a helix blade design that gives maximum cutting circle for years of use. And, the broadhead helps to give wider cuts with more profuse blood to ensure a kill. With this option, you can use it on today’s faster bows to boasts better accuracy and consistency for the break in penetration.

    But wait there’s more, this broadhead comes with Aerodynamic tech which makes sure to give better flight at long space. It also helps to reach the target smoothly and perfectly to knock it down. This thing also helps you to hit the target faster to cook the animal by presenting it on in your dinner table.

    It also comes with 3 blade sharpness that helps greatly for reaching to the inner bone. This broadhead as well comes with 0.035 inches thick blade that gives better damage to fight big animals. Also, it ensures your targeted animal can get easily without using much strength.

    In general, this broadhead is a perfect killer for your archery practice or hunting season to kill wild animals. It also has a useful design which takes no time to set up well than other brands.


    • The price is ideal for both beginners and professional hunters.
    • It comes at  an incredibly sharp and dependable layout to hit like field points.
    • The mechanical broadheads offer good benefits of bigger diameter cuts.
    • Unlike other broadheads, it flies longer without making noise.
    • The fixed blades have good durability and wide channels.


    • It doesn’t include a practice head for sighting in.


    And that’s it for today’s special segment on muzzy trocar reviews. We hope you have a better concept and idea about this incredible manufacturer’s top picks. In terms of qualities and modern design, there’s no denying that it’s one of the well-deserving to be entitled as a reliable and completely equipped broadhead brand.

     The picks are worthy of their price points and serve with a nice set of features for both beginners and experts.
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