Muzzy Trocar HB Review – Loving the Hybrid Broadhead Concept

The concept of a hybrid blade has made people fall in love with the muzzy trocar HB. This excellent and exceptionally designed piece really shows some incredible features to fall for it. However, love should never be blind. And so, you must know everything including good and bad about the muzzy trocar HB.

To make that happen, here’s our approach by providing a complete muzzy trocar HB review for your better knowing. Let’s get started!

Complete Muzzy Trocar HB Review to Make a Final Opinion

The Muzzy brand serves the best option and quality for big gaming hunters to kill a target. Read below to learn more details and features.

Whom Is Muzzy Trocar HB for?

The Muzzy Trocar HB broadhead includes smartest options for every bowhunters to get the best in both worlds. It also has 100 gain sizes that make it lighter to fly at high speed.

Besides, the broadhead can run with no additional effort for 60 to 70 yards at a good speed. Not only that, but it’s also a decent option for those who are new to hunting.

Strong Features of Muzzy Trocar HB:

Dependable and Powerful Blade Style

With the 2 rear-deploying expandable blades, this broadhead makes sure you are shooting on track. As a hunter, you surely need a reliable and strong blade that never disappoints while hunting objects. And for that, this Trocar HB broadhead is a perfect option.

It as well as helps to shoot like a slayer with more kinetic power for going deeper on muscles. Also, the broadhead makes sure your target is getting massive entry wounds at one hit. With its top-notch blade angle, you are able to kill animals with better control on the wind.

The sharp blade has a flexible design that makes sure to hunt animals even at distance. Also, it includes 2-degree offset that helps greatly to spin when needed. This thing as well helps to give you guaranteed cut upon entrance.

Killer Diameter for Mid-Sized Animals

Another benefit of this broadhead is its smooth execution that can kill mid-sized animals too. It comes with a 0.035 inches offset fixed blade that serves pinpoint accuracy to hit like a pro. Also, the broadhead never failed or missed to target animals even in long ranges.

With the pack of 3, it comes with total 2-5/8 inches cutting depth which makes sure to enter deeper. The broadhead includes a fixed cutting diameter for 1 inch and 1-5/8 inches for expandable cutting diameter. This thing ensures to kill the mid-sized animals in no time.

For those who hunt elk and moose, the broadhead makes sure to go through muscles to kill animals at once. It as well results in bone smashing cut channels for big game hunting. The broadhead as well as work greatly on killing deer and birds.

Combination of Fixed and Mechanical Broadhead

What can be better than a mixture of fixed and mechanical broadhead goodness? This broadhead gives you the benefits of both in one pack. With this option, you can kill animals without losing speed and field points.

The hybrid broadhead includes the accuracy of both fixed and mechanical blades that gives fail-proof aiming results. It as well as make sure your target is killed without having the issue of the angular snag. This type of broadhead on top gives great penetration by making the wound hole bigger.

As it has a mixture of fixed and mechanical design, this broadhead is suitable for all fields of hunting. It doesn’t matter if you are going for larger games or small hunts. Unlike other broadheads, it gives you better momentum while hunting small and average size animals.

Never Deflect With Hardened Steel Trocar Tip

This broadhead comes with bone-shattering tip which is made of tough steel to get more kills while hunting. Shooting big animals are risky if your broadhead moves aside in the right time. It can cause bigger accidents. Yet, not with this broadhead as it has a strong tip to execute.

Also, it comes with a solid steel ferrule that makes sure no mistakes or deforms have occurred when sticking bone. This thing as well as make sure maximum cutting and wound damages to slay animals at once. Besides, the broadhead steel tip helps to injure animals in one shot.

On top of it, the strong steel tip helps to kill animals at 407 FPS speed with no trouble. It also gives sharpness of a knife to kill large to small animals at ease.

Straightforward to Fit and Remove

The broadhead comes with a smart and easy way to fit in your bow for hunting. With the simple design, the broadhead needs no drilling material to install. Yet, it takes only an arrow squaring tool and glue so that your bow gets the perfect fit to never leave while hunting.

For the fitting process, you need to remove the older blade. After that, use the arrow squaring tool to contact the insert and shaft and fit tightly. If you find it hard or don’t understand the process, you can do it with the help of a professional mechanic.

Also, it’s better to put some glue on its surface to fit closely before going on hunting. This thing assures a safe fit to get rid of mishaps happening while on interesting big games.


  • This broadhead is extremely durable and strong for lifelong support.
  • Unlike other brands, it can target animals as accurately as a field point.
  • The hybrid broadhead needs no effort to set up on compound bows.
  • It has sharp blades that make sure to complete pass through on one shot for good blood loss.
  • The broadhead flies straight and able to kill deer about 30 yards quick & clean.
  • For the price and quality, it’s hard to beat.


  • The package doesn’t come with a washer.
  • It has only one size to get.
  • The brand provided customer service is not helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What are the decent bows for hybrid broadhead?

Well, hybrid broadhead is a great match with compound bows. Depending on the shaft size, hybrid broadhead will suit the common crossbows and recurve bows.

Do hybrid broadheads fly like a field point?

If talking about the hybrid broadheads flight, it can run like a field point to 60 yards. The hybrid broadhead is able to fly at the 343 FPS and 407 FPS speed.

How to clean hybrid broadhead?

To clean hybrid broadheads, take a bit of alcohol on tissue and start rubbing. This will give your blade a perfect finish.


 With a fantastic hybrid broadhead design including 4 blades, incredibly built quality, big game compatibility, no O-ring or rubber band needs, and hard-hitting sharpness, it’s almost obvious we won’t think twice for recommending this exceptional model. After going through this entire