Magnus Black Hornet Reviews – The Versatility of a 4 Blade Broadhead

Discovering a pure sharpness killer out of the box is what we all expect when unpacking a broadhead. And such desires are about to come true once you make a decision of getting the Magnus black hornet. This amazing and aggressive angle cutting ability master can give you the utmost fun of hunting. Finding animals is much simpler with this aircraft quality aluminum ferrule beauty.

 Before you get all excited about buying one, let’s talk about both its strong and weak points today. Let’s go for complete Magnus black hornet reviews and breakdowns below.

Without wasting any more moment, let’s dig deep into the overall analysis. It features good quality, deep cutting ability and killer whiz broadheads for your hunt. Read below to learn some interesting facts and features about it.

Whom is Magnus Black Hornet For?

Made from knife sharpness blades, this broadhead makes sure the targeted animal is killed at one shot. It as well designed in two different sizes which are 100 grain and 125 grain.

The 100 grain is a perfect option for those who prefer shooting practice in archery clubs. On the contrary, the 125-grain broadhead is a slayer to kill the larger animal for big games.

Strong Features of Magnus Black Hornet:

10X Sharpness with 4 Blades

This unique broadhead comes with amazing sharpness that takes no minute to cut bigger animals. No doubt about its performance as it smashes muscles with its 4 blades. Most hunters prefer this broadhead for getting large wounds with maximum blood loss.

Made of aircraft-quality aluminum, it comes with bone smashing serration to kill deer at one attempt. This broadhead as well as comes with strong tanto points that help to go deeper into the flesh of animals. It also makes sure the target is killed when you release the arrow.

It also assures to kill mid-sized animals such as deer, doves, rabbits, turkeys, raccoons, armadillos, and squirrels, etc. On top of it, the broadhead blades are spin-tested within 0.002 thousand of an inch.

Replaceable Fixed Blades Style

Magnus black hornet broadhead comes with a replaceable fixed blade style which you can restore when needed. Most likely this type of broadhead tends to lock tightly in place with a neck around the ferrule. For bowhunters, it’s a decent pick to replace when necessary.

As it comes in 3 packs, you are able to restore the broadhead when the other is not working. Also, the fixed broadhead has 1 ¼ inch of the diameter which makes it perfect for hunting purposes. It as well assures more penetration when shooting in wild animals.

Want to know the best part? The replaceable fixed blade style of broadhead is able to hit the target 89.4%. With this benefit, you can assure the finest shooting ability to never miss a shot. Also, this black hornet can perform great for up to 60 yards.

Trouble-Free To Place In

In addition, this product has amazing design and construction which takes no time to install. With this option, you can easily place it on your bow and continue shooting before hunting season.

The Black Hornet Broadhead is good for fitting in your crossbow or recurve bows. To install the broadhead, you need to use an arrow squaring device to contact between the insert and shaft. This thing helps to give your broadhead to simply get maximum accuracy.

As installation is important on broadheads, this product gives support to fit safely. On top, proper fit gives better penetration and correctness on your broadhead to harvest big games. Since it fits safely, it assures no accidents while hunting larger animals.

What Is Better Than Reusable Broadhead?

The broadhead comes with a re-sharpening feature which allows you to use even if it loses sharpness. And so, you can stay worry-free from dull blades. Basically, this feature helps greatly to avoid extra spending on buying a new one. It as well helps when you’re urgently in need of a broadhead to continue hunting classes.

All you need to do is sharpen the surfaces with a stone or mile file in back to forward position. It’s better to sharpen by using pressure at first then lessen the force later on. With this option, you can again use the broadheads to hunt larger games.

                  Pros & Cons of Magnus Black Hornet


  • The broadhead comes with a strong and durable surface which is built to last longer.
  • It flies high and makes sure the deer is going down within 50 yards.
  • For incredibly accurate and reliable broadheads, it is a good deal.
  • The brand comes with limited lifetime quality assurance for replacement.
  • It has a good thickness of blade and angle that makes them extremely easy to sharpen by hand.
  • The sharpness of this broadhead is a killer that goes straight to the field point.


  • It makes noise while shooting.
  • Not ideal for the beginners.
  • It comes with only one color option.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is tuning broadhead necessary?

Tuning your broadhead isn’t a basic task, still, it helps you to get to the field points. And, experts suggested tuning broadheads before hunting season.

Does light broadhead run faster?

Yes. Lighter broadheads are better to fly fast and smooth than heavier ones. For its light surface, it tends to fly with extra speed and flight distance.

What is better a 100 or 125-grain broadhead?

To put it simply, the 125-grain broadheads are better than the 100-grain one. Also, the 100 grain is commonly used for shooting practice and the 125 grain is hunting expert.


And that was all about today’s Magnus black hornet reviews to find out the actual worth of this much-talked stuff. We are pretty sure it stands out in most points and does bring a strong opinion towards its effectiveness. So, we surely recommend you to get one without stressing over the negatives too much. After all, there will be a small shadow with every choice you make and that’s quite impossible to ignore… Good Luck!

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